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Serving Humanity In Distress
Since 1993

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How We Serve

Sewa International believes in the ideology of 3Rs: Rescue, Relief & Rehabilitate. The 26 years of Sewa International is a testament to the selfless services in the calamity stricken areas. The organisation has been providing humanitarian aid to communities affected by natural disasters.

Disaster Management

Livelihood and Skill Development programs have been serving the underprivileged communities by empowering them. After identifying the need and strategically implementing skill development training, we harness the community's potential by providing them with livelihood opportunities.

Livelihood and Skill Development

Health and Sanitation initiatives target the underserved opportunities, with least accessibility and availability to healthcare. Driven by the ethos of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, we try to stretch out to unreached individuals in hilly terrain region and other places with minimum outreach of medical services, through mobile medical vans, medical camps, and awareness camps.

Health and Sanitation

By harbingering Sewa Fellowship, the organisation is working towards generating ‘Participative Youth’ in the country. The youth represents the dynamic force and burgeoning voice of India, possessing the potential to effectuate meaningful change through their participation in social service.

Sewa Fellowship

Our intervention in education revolves around creating an environment for students to indulge holistic development. By working towards the pertaining issues in education field, such as dropout rates, learning methods, lack of learning curriculums etc, Sewa International is envisioning an ‘Empowered & Educated Era’ in future.


Sewa International’s intervention with regard to the environment, climate, water, clean energy, and spreading awareness are aiming to create a sustainable environment. These initiatives support sustainable development goals, blueprinted by the United Nations.


Our Impact ( 1997-2023)

Our Global Partners Presence

Our extensive presence spans across 22+ countries has fostered an inclusive, actionable, and enduring vision of Sewa.

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