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Bru Education

With 18 learning centers for school going kids and 3 learning centers for non-school going kids, the children have been able to narrow their knowledge gap and get back to regular schooling. From time to time school kit distribution drives are organized where 400 – 500 school bags are distributed each year to not just provide them with essential school supplies but also to keep them motivated. Computer centers are operating in the area, involving the youth and the children alike to put the tribal population of Tripura on the digital map of the nation.


Sewa International invites volunteers to come forward and support various initiatives by volunteering with us.

The Sewa International Vision

The rehabilitation efforts have been proven inadequate for the needs of these underprivileged people. Owing to the lack of educational infrastructure and government interest in their well-being, the community has been unacquainted with sanitation, water management and disease quarantine. The frequent evacuations not only erode the lives, but also opportunities and basic necessities like education for the community. The meagre income of the majority of people is not sufficient to provide their families with two square meals a day.

Lacking the support for primary livelihood, Sewa International has decided to support our Reang brethren and help bridge the gaps in governance by connecting with the youth and exploring new opportunities.

At Sewa International, the vision is not a top down approach to help the community but a self-generated sustainable plan, which will put the community on the path of development and prosperity.

From giving them access to basic and free healthcare to generating employment through skill training and enabling the youth by means of computer literacy, Sewa International has taken a lead in bringing the plight of this community to the mainstream discourse. As part of the initiative, Sewa International has provided them with several computers, sewing machines, bamboo materials, weaving looms and other materials to build the necessary infrastructure for the smooth running of all the programs.

School Kit Distribution

In refugee camps of Ashapara and Naisinghpara in North Tripura, Sewa is running 9 and 6 Sewa Learning Centers(SLC) respectively. The students at the center were suffering due to lack of basic stationery items like pencils and bags to carry their copies and books around. 500 such kits were distributed in the Ashapara & Naisinghpara SLCs and in a dilapidated SSA school in Khakchangpara camp in the presence of the visiting Sewa International team.

Computer Training - Towards a digital tomorrow

For promoting digital literacy among the youth and children of the camps, Sewa International opened up two computer centers in Naisinghpara Refugee Camp in Tripura and Damparengpui village in Mizoram.

There was an existing computer center at Naisinghpara Camp with just 3 functional computers and needed an upgrade. In 2016, Sewa International provided 15 computers for this center as well as for a new one in Mizoram, where some of the refugees had resided. So far, more than 100 youth have undergone training at these centers.

The training program comes in two modules, one each of duration of 3 months for a basic computer course and 6 months for a diploma course.

Education and Tuition Centers For Bru Children

It was almost always a common sight to see the local children loitering around, throughout the days. In view of the already overburdened schools these children were unable to get education or even access to a decent school. And even if there were schools, the parents couldn’t afford to send these children to school, thus leading to a deficit in literacy levels. In cooperation with the local teams, a few Remedial Education Centers have been started within the camps that will run with the help of volunteers for a few hours everyday.

The initiative, which began with 1 or 2 centers has now grown into 14 centers across two camps at Naisinghpara and Ashapara, empowering more than 280 students whose warm laughter echoes within the grounds.The volunteers hold evening classes for the children and also run tuition centers for the kids of upto class 8th.

Owing to the overwhelming response, Sewa International plans to expand its programs to other camps, spreading the joy of literacy. Systematic support and quality education for enhanced learning would ensure the preservation of the Reang’s culture and heritage.

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