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We believe we can avoid the upcoming wave of COVID19 in Rural India with your support. Click to join us in our mission!


When COVID19 was a pandemic in the cities, we worked across more than 405 locations in the form of COVID care centers and Isolation centers.

Now the challenge is bigger!

COVID19 now spreads to rural India. With lesser medical infrastructure available, it may get worse in the coming few weeks.

49% of the confirmed COVID cases are coming from rural parts of the country, while in states like Uttar Pradesh, more than two-thirds of cases are coming from rural areas.

Rural areas only have less than1/10th of the COVID treatment centres than urban areas, with states like Madhya Pradesh having as low as 1/25th of the covid care centres in rural areas.

We must empower our villages to fight COVID19!


The purpose is to building a preventive wall against COVID19: 

  • Save lives by early detection, isolation, & medication for COVID patients in the country.
  • Increase the awareness on COVID19 symptoms and the importance of sanitization and isolation in Rural India.
  • Build long-term health resilience in the nation, with a team of dedicated and semi-voluntary ‘health preraks’, across rural India.

Overall Target: 

1,25,000+ (Villages + Slums) from across the nation covering all 28 states, and 742 districts.

Mission Niramayah!

Mission Niramayah is a health initiative for avoiding the upcoming wave of COVID 19  in rural India.

The interventions to be taken are:

  • Identify Aarogya Preraks from villages across the nation, who would be responsible for COVID19 prevention in their locality.
  • Train the Aarogya Preraks for COVID19 detection, importance of self-isolation, importance of vaccination, and home remedies for immunity boosting.
  • Equip them with a Aarogya Kit for the village.
  • Guide the Aarogya Preraks for critical cases with telemedicine support.
  • Long-term support for building resilience against similar pandemics/ disaster in the future with trainings required resources and mentorship.

Request for Beneficiary

We believe we can avoid the upcoming wave of COVID19 in Rural India with your support.

Why should you support?

  • Become a part of India’s biggest rural health initiative by any non-profit.
  • Fits into strengthening a long-term support system for rural health infrastructure via Aarogya Preraks.
  • 100% targeted investment in Rural India, thus supporting the un-supported.

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