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Tales of Positive Change

Mudrika Chaigule

Project-Skill Development of Farmers for Alternative Livelihood
The three days spent in Solapur and Kolhapur were nothing short of inspiring and eye-opening.I learned so much from visiting successful businesses and interacting with their owners, gaining valuable insights and ideas that I can apply to my own entrepreneurial venture.
Pusherung Reang

Project-Integrated Fish Farming
Pusherung Reang lives in Anandazar, Kanchanpur, North Tripura. Her life has not been easy. She was raised in a small agricultural household with four siblings, her father being the sole breadwinner.
Asha Devi Kambahe

Project- Skill Development of Farmers for Alternative Livelihood
After participating in the exhibitions, I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me. It was incredible to see our products showcased alongside others, and even more amazing to interact directly with customers.

Flood Relief- Transgender Community
I'm Subhapriya, a member of the transgender community in Thoothukudi district, and I earn my living by driving an auto rickshaw. On the 27th of December, 2023, Thoothukudi was affected by heavy rainfall.
Tambi Rung Reang

Program- Mobile Medical Unit
A 29-year-old woman from a North Tripura village, worked as a farmer after completing her studies. Working hard under the harsh sun, with intense physical labour, Tambi ignored her discomforting vaginal infection to focus on her responsibilities.
Samben Bijal

Program - Kutch Kala
Samben Bijal is a resident of Jamkunaria Village in Kutch, Gujarat who lived a normal life until the devastating earthquake of 7.6 magnitude hit her village on January 26th, 2001. In just a few moments, her home was destroyed, leaving her family with nothing to survive.
Meena Devi

Program-Sewa Krishi
Meena Devi a 46 year old strong woman from Narayankoti village, works with Sewa International. Her first encounter was during the aftermath of the devastating Kedarnath disaster in 2013.                                                                                                                                                            

Program-Mobile Medical Unit
One day Sushil’s health deteriorated, casting a shadow of worry. He was determined to get better and luckily found Sewa Arogyam. He underwent a thorough examination and was diagnosed with diabetes, a condition that required immediate attention and care.

Project- WASH
I vividly remember my day in a bustling school where the laughter and chatter of children filled the air. Until, one topic that hushed the room: “PERIODS”. It was as if an invisible shroud of secrecy and shame surrounded this natural part of a woman's life.
Visheswari Devi

Project -Community Farming
Visheswari Devi is a resident of Dubadku village of Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Her husband died soon after the marriage. She joined Sewa International in April 2019 in the persuasion of Hemlata ji.

Ankita Rawat

Project- Sewa Yuva Jyoti
Meet Ankita Rawat, a 16-year-old student, who faced hardships at such a tender age. The loss of her father at 15 left her world shattered. Ankita joined Sewa International as a child at the "Sewa Yuva Jyoti" program, which focused on digital literacy and personality development.

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