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Why Education?

Education is considered as the fundamental right of every citizen in India, as posed by Right to Education Act (RTE) by the Parliament of India. The New Education Policy (NEP, 2020) signifies a huge milestone for India’s Education system. The policy articulates a vision where “Access, Quality, Equity, Affordability & Accountability” stands as the foundational pillars of education system. As proclaimed by the Kasturirangan Committee, these techniques are designed to steer India towards the ambitious goal of evolving India into a ‘Knowledge Hub’.

In the recent development, there What Sewa Does has been a discernible decline in enrollment rates in India since the advent of Covid-19 pandemic. The UDISE+ Report (2021-22) highlights a notable statistics- while over 12 crore students were enrolled in the primary section, the transition rate to upper primary level has declined to almost half of the value, with approximately 6 crore students. This discrepancy underscores a critical aspect that demands careful consideration. Considering this, Sewa International sweeps in and designs strategies to support the cause. ’

What Sewa Does?

Empowering Progress: Transforming Ideas into Impact.

Sewa International plays a pivotal role in bridging the Educational Divide in India. The organization firmly believes in the transformative power of education and is dedicated to ensuring accessibility and affordability aspects of education to the underserved sections of society. Embodying the concept of ‘Putting the last first’ by Robert Chambers, we prioritize reaching out to marginalized communities and catering to the needs of underprivileged at first.

In response to the current challenges, the organization has introduced several initiatives to address arising issues such as rising dropout rates, affected learning levels, inadequate educational infrastructure and sponsoring a child’s education. Our commitment revolves around providing every child with a solid foundation, ensuring equal opportunities for education, and fostering the conditions for lifelong success. ’

Our Intervention

  •    School Kit Distribution: The idea of school kit distribution every year is to help unaided schools as well as economically poor and needy students in the backward region to encourage them not to dropout from schools. It is evident that even if due to lack of school kits, children feel ashamed and stigmatized for not having a bag or good notebooks to write upon while their classmates have access to those kits. And the most important thing is it makes the children feel more confident and passionate about their education.

  •     Bal Panchayats (BPs): BalPanchayat (Children’s Parliament) is a democratic platform for children to strengthen their voice and leadership and to address their issues concerned with their rights and wellbeing. Under this platform, all the children as members of the Bal Panchayats come from the surrounding community and they are all encouraged and are given a space to turn into effective agents of development and change.

  •    Sponsor a Child: Under this program, an individual donor is assigned to particular child education sponsorship. These sponsorships are offered to underprivileged children from socially and economically disadvantaged communities. It’s an effort to transform the lives of the children and empowering the poor community.

  •   School Infrastructure: School infrastructure has always an impact on educational quality, attendance and competition of education, teachers’ motivation etc. We build school infrastructure comprising of construction of school-administrative area & corridor, toilets, classrooms and playgrounds cum assembly area, common rooms and etc.

  •   Free Library (Akshar Bharti): The purpose of free library facilities is to help students of unaided and underdeveloped schools in advance literacy, guide learning, improve knowledge and inspire curiosity by providing books, comic books, storybooks, books on science, sports, history, art, etc. other than usual course curriculum books. So far, we have been able to provide library facilities at school premises (& library on wheels) in four Indian states - Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.

Social Impact


School kits distributed


Library established


Computer Training Centers.


Schools Constructed


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