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Program: North-East Tribal Development

The Reang tribe have been one of the oldest inhabitants of Mizoram. The ethnic clashes of 1997 compelled them to abandon their homes and live a life of refugees. Forced into the margins of struggles and inhumane conditions, a bare minimum maintenance allowance and lack of access to government policies, the Reang have been invisibilized by the government of Tripura. They have not been recognized within the census since 1997, in addition to lacking access to the government schemes.

The teeming, encampments contain a history of painful struggle and courage amidst the Reang, rendered “refugees” in their own nation, with the system’s unwillingness to bestow them with their deserved citizenship and legal rights.


Sewa International invites volunteers to come forward and support various initiatives by volunteering with us.

The Sewa International Vision

The rehabilitation efforts have been proven inadequate for the needs of the displaced public. Owing to the lack of educational infrastructure and government interest in their well-being, the community has been unacquainted with sanitation or water management and well as disease quarantine. The frequent evacuations, not only erode the lives, but also opportunities and basic necessities like education for the community. For many of their people, meage incomes are not sufficient to provide families with two square meals a day. acking the support for primary livelihood, Sewa International has decided to support our Reang brethren and help bridge the gaps in governance by connecting with the youth and exploring new opportunities.

At Sewa International, the vision is not a top down approach to help the community but a self generated, sustainable plan which puts the Brus onto a path of development and prosperity. From giving them access to basic and free healthcare to generating employment through skill training and enabling the youth by means of computer literacy Sewa International has taken a lead in bringing the plight of this community to the mainstream discourse. Sewa International, as part of the initiatives has provided them with several computers, sewing machines, bamboo materials, weaving looms and other material to build the necessary infrastructure for the smooth running of all the programs.

North-East Tribal Projects

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