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Sewa International is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization inspired by the noble tradition of service before self, and working towards promoting volunteerism internationally amongst the children, youth, women and energetic senior citizens.

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HIM Samwaad 2022

HIM Samwaad (Himalayan Ideation Meet Samwaad) Conference will be organised on SDGs in the Indian Himalayan Region. The theme of HIM Samwaad 2022 is - ‘Call for localised solutions and implementation strategy’.

It will provide a platform for multiple stakeholders of the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) to realign our integrated sustainable development approach to the new reality of the region post-COVID.

Additionally, the conference will focus on charting a roadmap for implementing localised solutions to IHR issues while agreeing on the idea of development. The book shall be an extension of the theme of the Conference.

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Covid -19 Relief Efforts

The second wave of COVID-19 has hit India very hard. It has drastically affected the healthcare system across India and impeded India’s social and economic recovery following the 2020 surge.

The second wave has affected almost all dimensions of life across all the society. Many challenges and lacunas are surfaced out highlighting the lack of readiness to successfully withstand such VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) situations.

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Focus Areas

Sewa International aids local communities in many ways and engages
the beneficiaries to be agents of change in development.
Here's a look at the Social Impact created.

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Disaster Management
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Skill Management
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Women Empowerment
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Environmental Action
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Divyang Care
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