Women Empowerment

In our journey towards uplifting communities we found how women are intrinsic forces around which a community grows and sustains itself. Be it in the field of education, health or skill development, empowering a woman leads to the betterment of the entire family and especially the future generation. Sewa International through its various projects has been working closely with rural women in Uttarakhand and Kutch to promote handicrafts, ringal products, traditional art forms etc. Through the Toilet and Hygiene project we have also been able to bring about a sanitation and health revolution in the areas of Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka.


The pivotal of the entire project in Uttarakhand revolves around the Self Help Group model which works with women in the two districts of Rudraprayag and Chamoli. Significant developments in agriculture by Sewa Krishi, in skill development by Sewa Mahila Jyoti, in health by Swasthya Sahyogi Sewa have been made. By inculcating saving habits in the rural women, the organisation has been able to create various entrepreneurs from amongst the SHG members by providing them training. In setting up around 25 Kishori Samooh (adolescent groups) Sewa International has touched new grounds by involving young women in issues around sanitation, menstrual hygiene and peer pressure.


What began as a rehabilitation effort after the 2001 Bhuj earthquake has today culminated into a success story that has more than 700 women artisans at the heart of it. After initial support by Sewa International in training these women in the traditional Kutchi embroidery and handicraft like Pakho, Ajarakh and also metal works like Ghantadi, the unit has now evolved into an independent enterprise run by the women. Sewa International continues to hold sessions in marketing, training, design development and online selling so as to put these women in the market space. The products made by them are displayed in exhibitions and fairs across major cities and corporate houses, where they are in great demand.