Sewa International’s humble journey in the field of social service began by providing disaster relief during calamities. From the Gujarat flood in 1998, the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, the Chennai foods in 2015 to the recent Kerala foods, Sewa volunteers have always been the first ones on the ground, rescuing and providing relief. Our ability to closely work with the local organizations ensures that maximum lives are saved and the effects of the disaster minimized.

Some of our remarkable interventions were during the Bhuj earthquake which later was transformed into our Kutch skill development project which has become a success story. By reviving and promoting the Kutchi handicrafts, we have successfully been able to oust our presence by gradually leading the formation of Sewa Kala Shrishti Pvt Ltd, a self-sustainable, company of these artisans.

Another of our stellar rehab initiative is SKVK Uttarakhand (Sewa Kaushal Vikas Kendra) with support from Govt of Goa which was started post the 2013 floods that struck the region. Now, a thriving ecosystem of about 200+ self-help groups (SHGs)  exists throughout Rudraprayag and Chamoli districts. The women have found a new strength as their financial status has risen due to microfinancing and interloaning within the SHGs. Various verticals like Sewa Srujan, Sewa Mahila Jyoti, Sewa Saahas, Sewa Krishi, Sewa Yuva Jyoti, Swasthya Sahyogi Sewa, have provided them livelihood opportunities in both farm and nonfarm sector. For the youth of the region Sewa Saahas, an adventure tourism and disaster management initiative has been functioning to provide them with disaster preparedness training and also encourage them to develop tourism as a livelihood in the region.