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Niramayah FAQ's

Q1. How can I request a kit from Sewa International?

Kits are distributed by village to selected arogya preraks only, so you cannot request a kit. However, if you wish to ask for updates about your specific village/area, please contact our team.

Q2. Where will the kits be distributed?

The kits will be distributed in rural areas/slums of India.

Q3. What is the criteria for selecting Arogya Preraks?

We have a few basic criteria for arogya preraks.

  • They must have a medical background.
  • They must have at least 5 years of experience.
  • They must be adept at community mobilisation and community outreach.
  • They must speak the regional language.
  • They should have been involved in at least one other project in the same area before.
  • The village panchayat must approve them.

Q4. How is Sewa International procuring these kits?

The procurement is being done, via donations received for the same purpose. These are being procured either directly or received in donations from Sewa units globally.

Q5. What are the initiatives Sewa International is doing for relief work of COVID-19?

Sewa International has been working with a T-model of intervention for the COVID19 relief operations, and we are working on both breadth-based interventions (quick relief, wide reach), and depth-based interventions (systemic strengthening, life saving).

Details on our initiatives can be seen at:

Q6. What do I do if I want to donate?

For financial donation there are two different channels, depending on our location/banking system:

Indian Donors: Donate via an Indian Bank

Paytm Gateway : Donate Now

PayU Gateway : Donate Now

Direct account transfer <Local Donations>

Account Name - Sewa International
Account No. - 10080533304
Bank Name - State Bank of India
IFSC - SBIN0009371
Address - Jhandewalan Extn Branch (Delhi)

Pay via Check International Donors:

Direct account transfer: < Foreign Donations (FCRA)>

Account Name - Sewa International
Account No. - 40063320848
Branch Code - 00691
IFSC - SBIN0000691

For in-kind donations, mail at, with the subject: “Donation Query: COVID19 Relief”

Q7. How will Sewa International spend the money for COVID-relief work?

As part of our non-profit governance, we follow a resilient internal governance system, with our board taking all major decisions, in consultation with domain experts.

We, at Sewa International, also make periodic publications for impact-based reports for COVID-19 operations sharing complete details in accounts and distribution.

Q8. We are an NGO. How can we be a part of this initiative?

If you are interested in working with sewa to be a part of this initiative, you can also help us in identifying the beneficiary by filling this form: Click Here

Q9. I want to send some medical equipment to India from my country. How can Sewa International assist?

Please send us an email to with subject Line: “Donating Medical Equipment: ”. Please specify which equipment and the quantity you wish to send.

Q10. What is mission Niramayah ? What is Sewa International trying to do?

The mission is to empower our villages to fight COVID19! Our target is to reach 1,25,000+ Villages + Slums from across the nation covering all 28 states, and 742 districts.

  • Save lives by early detection, isolation, & medication for COVID patients in the country.
  • Increase the awareness on COVID19 symptoms and the importance of sanitization and isolation in Rural India.
  • Build long-term health resilience in the nation, with a team of dedicated and semi-voluntary ‘health preraks’, across rural India.

Q11. How can I help protect myself?

There is currently no vaccine to prevent 2019-nCoV infection. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to this virus.

  • All non-essential travel to China and affected countries* to be avoided.
  • Observe good personal hygiene.
  • Practice frequent hand washing with soap.
  • Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing.
  • *The list of affected countries is available on WHO website ( and would be updated time to time.

Q12. What is the big picture behind mission and what is the goal of the mission?

As a humanitarian non-profit organization with solid experience in carrying out relief and recovery work during more than 25 disasters, natural and manmade, Sewa is committed to serving people in need. We wish to prevent another Covid wave from wreaking havoc, so we are laying the groundwork for preventive measures and responses.

Q13. Is there any report of how the fund is used?

Yes, we follow strict financial prudence, and publish our audit reports and account books on our website. You can check the audit reports of the same, post the programs. For regular updates,you can visit our social media handles.

Q14. Will the fund be used for specific states in India?

Funds will be used equitably across the country through our partner organizations’ network.

Q15. I work at a corporation as a part of the CSR and we want to donate at Sewa International. How do we go about it?

For all CSR donations you can reach out to us at and all the programmes and the projects that we have in process will be taken further. You can also fill out the google form: Click Here

Q16. We supply Medical equipment. Can we collaborate with Sewa International to supply them at a reasonable cost?

Please send us details of the equipment and other items you can supply and their cost. You can email us to The Sewa team will contact you if needed.

Q17. I want to volunteer with Sewa International. How do I connect?

You want to volunteer with Sewa International here is the volunteer form, Click Here

Q18. I am living in a particular country. How can I connect with the local volunteers of Sewa International of this country?

Please mail us at and we will be happy to assist you to connect to the respective countries.

Q19. I live in a particular country. How do I know if there is an organization helping Sewa International? How do I connect with them?

Please send us an email to with a subject line connecting with local Sewa unit : (Country name). We will be happy to connect.

Q20. I am from a particular Media Organisation. How do I cover a story? Can I talk to the person linked with the organisation?

You can reach out to the official spokesperson of the organisation Abhishek Kumar (

Q21. I am an NGO worker in India, working in a particular state. Can I collaborate with Sewa for COVID-19 Relief work?

For all COVID-19 relief work, you can reach out to us at with the subject line ( looking for Collaboration : NGO name).

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