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  • Story of a common man: Uttarakhand Glacier Burst

Story of a common man: Uttarakhand Glacier Burst

15 Feb 2021 6:39 PM | Anonymous

I just returned from Bhangyul village. It's a village which has now been cut off the road route by the glacier burst. We had conversations with multiple affected families on the ground, and their stories of experiencing the disaster have left us numb. Both mentally and emotionally.

None of us could have imagined this, sitting just few kms away in our office of what I may mean to go through the hour-long trauma of the flash floods, arising from the glacier burst. They saw the disaster unfold from the silent peaceful morning to the loud noise of glacier bursting, and rumbling distant sound of the river, and the roaring waters that took away their loved ones in a matter of minutes.

We met the family of Manoj, who like always was honest and hardworking towards his role as a safety guard at the hydro project. While he always ensured that the project remained safe, he couldn't save himself from the gushing waters. His body was recovered yesterday from the tunnel by the NDRF team yesterday. The five days of tensed sleeplessness in his home, coupled with prayers for his safety, have now turned to an atmosphere of grief, and despair.

He was the only source of income for his family of 6. His father is an old man with severe health problems, and now has just looking at the river, silent since he performed the last rites of his son. His last wish was just to see the marriage of Manoj's sister which now seems far, given the loss of their son, the small farmland, and all their savings. All washed away with the river they have played-in since ages.

As Manoj's mother describes her son, with teary eyes and trembling body, her situation has left all of us shaken for the future of their family ahead.

In this moment of deep pain, Manoj's family is one of the 350+ families which have shaken the entire area and the nation of the devastating effect of the flash floods in Uttarakhand.

Our team of Sewa International is present at the ground zero, in the Tapovan area at the 15+ impacted villages, and is continuously trying to reachout to every person in need and supporting them with all essentials from taking care of their food to health to overall livelihood.

For continuing this support ahead, we need your help.

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