As you are a part of the Sewa family, we hope that our bond deepens as we achieve our goal of making and nurturing a better society around us. Sewa is moving to new paths in aligning itself with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.  Here is a brief overview of our month-long activities across our various projects running throughout the country.

Picture of the Month

Serving The Elderly In Uttarakhand – Sewa Arogyam

An elderly woman in Rudraprayag suffering from throat infection and pain undergoes an X Ray as part of the affordable health services provided by Sewa Arogyam, a mobile medical van initiative that we recently launched in Uttarakhand. Read below for more details . 

Sewa Uttarakhand

Sewa Uttarakhand Launches Mobile Medical Van ‘Sewa Arogyam’ 

We are proud to announce the launch of our Mobile Medical Van, named Sewa Arogyam, as part of our SKVK project in Uttarakhand. The van is equipped with state of the art modern medical facilities like, Pathology lab, X-Ray, ECG etc, and would go a long way in making quality health care available to the people. The event was graced by Hon’ble Governor of Uttarakhand, Smt. Baby Rani Maurya ji. As she inaugurated the van, she lauded Sewa’s efforts over the years in the rehabilitation of the affected local population post the 2013 tragedy. The event also witnessed participation of the young and old alike. Various activities and cultural functions were organized by children depicting the local tradition and folklore of the region. Endeavors like mobile medical vans can go a long way in reaching out to even the remotest regions which otherwise are bereft of infrastructure and access to medical facilities.


Participation In Local Fairs And Exhibitions Throughout Uttarakhand 

Fairs and exhibitions provide a wonderful opportunity to make sure that both the farm and non-farm products find a suitable market to be sold in the region. Sewa Team has been participating in different fairs and exhibitions locally throughout Uttarakhand from 21 Nov to 1 Dec 2018 to promote the farm and non – farms products of the SHGs for sustainable livelihood generation. Sewa team set up various stalls at the fairs in Srinagar, Agustmuni, Ukhimath and Gaucher. People from the nearby places visited the fairs and exhibition and showed a keen interest in Sewa Uttarakhand and its SHG model of development. The team earned a revenue of about more than One Lakh Rupees which would be redistributed to the SHG members in the two districts.


Sewa Kashi

Dev Diwali Celebrated In Ramnagar With Locals 

Sewa Kashi celebrated the festival of Dev Diwali in Ramnagar, Uttar Pradesh with the locals. The evening was dedicated to the farming community of the region with the theme ‘ Ek Shaam Kisano Ke Naam ‘. The evening had a festive fervor to it as the place was lit up with hundreds of clay oil lamps by children. The event was accompanied by many dance and singing programmes marking an end to the Diwali celebrations this year.  

Children’s Day Celebrations

Children are an equal and perhaps the most important stakeholders of the development process in a society and nation. On the eve of Children’s day, Sewa International hopes that every child gets a fair opportunity and right to education and a better future. Our Uttarakhand and Kashi team celebrated the day with various activities. Sewa Yuva Jyoti, our computer literacy program in Uttarakhand, organized a poster making, essay writing and a declamation competition in which children participated with zeal. At our Kashi tuition centers, the little kids were distributed with a notebook, drawing pads and color boxes. They also participated in various cultural activities like dance, role play etc. The children enjoyed the day with great fest and fervor.

School Kit Distribution At Udhampur,
Jammu and Kashmir 

After celebrating the eve of Children’s day throughout our projects at Uttarakhand and Kashi, Sewa International recently held a school kit distribution event at Bhartiya Vidya Mandir School in Thathi, Udhampur district of J&K. The majority of children studying in the school belong to economically weak families of farmers and labourers, with not so many facilities at their disposal. We donated 107 school kits amongst 53 and 54 boys and girls respectively spanning from classes Nursery to 8th. Each school bag contains a kit of notebooks, drawing pad, geometry box and colors. We thank our donors from SISGO for enabling this noble cause to happen.

Toilet & Hygiene Project

Repair And Renovation Of Existing Toilets, Agra

In our earlier reports, we had mentioned about the damaged units installed in Basava Theertha Vidyapeeta, Bidar. 21 toilet units were damaged due to unforeseen natural elements, the school management had taken responsibility to replace the damaged toilets. The school management has replaced the damaged portable toilet units with reinforced concrete cement toilets.

I. Repair and renovation of existing toilets

Area of work: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

have completed repair and renovation work in Primary School Takrohi-2, Upper primary School Alambagh and Technical intermediate college. Repair and renovation in Primary School Tilakpurwa Block Banki and Primary School Kamta will be completed in another one week. (See table 1)
Table 1: List of schools in Lucknow District with the number of students benefited.

S.No. School Name Location No. of Students
1 Primary School Takrohi-2 Mayawati colony, deen dayal puram, 140
2 Primary School Tilakpurwa, Block Banki Panchayat: Khspariya – 225003, Barabanki 65
3 Upper primary School Alambagh Kanpur road 58
4 Technical intermediate  college Vijay Nagar, Kanpur road 270
5 Primary School Kamta Kamta Chauraha 66

II. Need Analysis – Karnataka and Telangana
Area of work: Karnataka and Telangana
Sewa team conducted need analysis in three charitable schools administered by Vidya Bharathi.

In Kotakonda village, Telangana, most of the kids are from a gypsy community who roam around villages with an ox begging for food and shelter.
This community has settled down in Kotakonda, learning the local art forms for survival. (See table 2)

Table 2: List of schools in Karnataka and Telangana with the number of toilet units required as well as the number of students who will be benefited.

S.No. School Name Location No. of Students Requirements
1 Primary School Kotakonda Chittoor, Telangana 350 20 urinals & 10 toilet units
2 Swami Vivekananda School Hoskote, Karnataka 1800 10 urinals & 5 toilet units
3 Primary School Kadur Chikmagalur, Karnataka 250 20 toilet units