imagesResearch  Institute  of  World’s  Ancient  Traditions  Cultures  and  Heritage (RIWATCH)  is  a  non-profit,  non-governmental, community based research organization with mission of empowering  ethnic communities to prosper sustainably by strengthening their value system. It is situated in Lower Dibang Valley district, Arunachal Pradesh (India). RIWATCH is collaborated with various international organizations. It carries philosophy of all round development of the society through Education, Sustainable Development and Research. However, this part of Arunachal Pradesh is still struggling to get a reliable source of power. The only source of power is through transmission lines from Assam which gets washed by various rivers including Brahmaputra from time to time. As a result, during rainy seasons, power is not available for few months. Using diesel was very expensive and it was not a permanent solution.


After the success of project in Chitrakoot, volunteers of clean tech group selected RIWATCH for next project.  The total critical load identified which includes lights, fans and computers was 2kW. Here a canopy based structure for 3kW solar plant was constructed by RIWATCH. A 3kW solar power plant with battery backup was installed for the Campus and also had a scope for future plan to add another 2kW which will make RIWATCH 100% powered through solar.  The total cost of the project was again arranged through individual donors.