Krishi Kashi is the agricultural initiative by Sewa International in the region of Varanasi the main objective of which is to enhance agricultural output for the socio-economic development of local farmers with awareness campaigns involving new farming techniques, soil & plantation tips etc. For this, Sewa has been actively involved with small farmers who have lesser portions of farmland in the Narayanpur block of Mirzapur. Sewa international organized initial meetings with village farmers to determine the core issues being faced by them in the agricultural or social sector.


Krishi Kashi seeks to fulfill the following objectives to uplift farmers .

  • Free exchange of information about Organic farming.
  • Teaching the basic methodology of organic farming.
  • Development of farmers from a social, economic & political standpoint
  • Laying a strong emphasis on sustainable farming methods.
  • Making farmers self-sufficient by introducing modern farming techniques.
  • Knowledge sharing about model vegetable farms
  • Conducting awareness and training programs


  • A Soil Health Awareness Camp was organized on Sep 3rd, 2017 by Sewa International at Gangapur Village, Narainpur, Mirzapur, Chunar & Varanasi. During this camp we invited Prof. Surendra Singh from Banaras Hindu University. He imparted valuable knowledge about SOIL HEALTH to the members present & explained how to improve soil drainage. He also shared tips on how to improve low soil pH with agricultural lime. He also distributed soil health certificates to Gangpur farmers. Dr. Nagendra Rai from the Indian Vegetable Research Center, Varanasi was also a chief invitee. He shared very useful information about various types of vegetables and their farming techniques. A total number of 100 farmers attended the camp which was organized under the able guidance of Mr. Govind Narain Singh, Nitesh kumar, Ashish kumar and Akanand along with other team members of Sewa International, Varanasi. 
  • Sewa International organized an Onion Awareness Camp at Gangapur, Narayanpur, Mirzapur, Chunar & Varanasi on December 12, 2017. The main objective of this program was to provide information useful techniques in onion farming. During this camp, Dr. Major Singh, Joint Secretary of the Indian Society Of Vegetable Science And Technology  was invited. In the camp Dr. Major Singh explained the techniques and processes of onion farming. He also observed crops from five villages and encouraged farmers about innovation in the field of onion cultivation. During the camp, Dr.Nagendra Rai also shared key information pertaining to vegetable farming. He highlighted information about improved varieties of vegetables, nursery management, weed control, nutrient and water management, pest and disease management, post-harvest management, processing and onion seed production.
  • Javik Kranti For Anna Swaraj was a camp organized by Sewa International, Varanasi which was held to create awareness about the various benefits of organic farming. Organic agriculture can be defined as an integrated farming system that strives on sustainable methods of crop and livestock production that involve much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones and focuses also on providing attentive care that promotes the health and meets the behavioral needs of livestock. 
  • Nursery Management Program : Sewa International in collaboration with Kalloogautam Research & Development Foundation organized a Nursery Management Programme in Vegetables at Chunar, Kashi. The chief guests of the program were eminent scientists from Indian Institute of Vegetable Research Center Varanasi Mr Kaushlendra Panday and Dr. Nagender Rai. The lecture involved a detailed talk around identification of a good nursery, plant protection measures , treatment of common plant diseases, seedling plantation , treatment of common plant diseases .
  • Seed Distribution :  Apart from the training imparted, a seed distribution drive was also held which involved the distribution of Sponge Gourd and Trichoderma seeds to 40 farmers .The event was a great success and we hope to benefit the community and the farmers in the future by more of such events

We hope that through our endeavors , we are able to bring about a considerable change in the lives of these farmers and in the process help them to efficiently take care of their fields as well as families.