Sewa International is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization inspired by the noble tradition of service before self, working for promoting voluntarism internationally especially among children, youth, women and energetic senior citizens; building an international network of not-for-profit organizations; promoting philanthropy from the grassroots level to corporate sector; providing relief to the affected during calamities, natural and /or man-made, and rehabilitating them; building capacity of the non-profit organizations towards achieving results, empowering communities and individuals through sustained support; funding committed, grass roots organizations that rely strongly on volunteer efforts; supporting efforts that promote cultural and moral value systems in the society; and aiming to see happiness and well-being in everyone, everywhere and at all times.

Our Vision

Sewa International as a premier non-profit, would live in a world of equality, where everyone is happy, enjoys good health, has equal growth opportunities and lives in balance with nature. In the event of any disaster, Sewa will be called in and be among the first to serve.

Our Mission

Sewa International serves humanity in distress, aids local communities, and promotes volunteerism. We engage our beneficiaries to be agents of change in development and strive to make progress broad-based.

Our Body

Trust Board

  1. Sh. Ramesh Mehta (Businessman) – Chairman
  2. Sh. (K. G.) Shyam Parande (Social Worker) – Secretary
  3. Sh. Sanjay Hegde (Chartered Accountant) – Treasurer
  4. Sh. Bimal Kumar Kedia (Businessman) – Trustee
  5. Sh. Jai Prakash Agarwal (Chairman, Surya Ind.) – Trustee
  6. Sh. Srikanth Konda (IT Entrepreneur) – Trustee
  7. Sh. Mukesh Aggarwal (Businessman) – Trustee
  8. Sh. Ashok Goel (Chairman, Essel Propack) – Trustee
  9.  Sh. Pannalal Bhansali (Businessman) – Trustee
  10. Dr. Alka Mandke (MD, Anaesthesia) – Trustee
  11. Sh. Suhasrao Hiremath (Social Worker) – Trustee
  12. Sh. Rakesh Mittal (Chartered Accountant) – Trustee
  13. Sh. Siddharth Agicha (Businessman) – Trustee
  14. Sh. Jadhav Bhai Gorasia (Businessman) – Trustee