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COVID - 19 Stay@Home Kit

We are living in uncertain times. The panic and destruction caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the last 2 months has been unprecedented in human history in terms of its speed and scale of deaths. Despite having the best health facilities, all western countries are struggling to contain this deadly virus and the count of infected people is increasing exponentially each day. This has raised a spectre of a horrifying future for the rest of the world, especially Africa and Asian countries including India, who lack even basic healthcare services for most of their populations.

Sewa International appeals to all its supporters world-wide to come forward and help provide services to the most vulnerable of the population who have no means to fight the global pandemic, COVID-19. Marginalized communities, especially engaged in informal economy, all across India are most vulnerable now, feeling the brunt of lockdown leading to lost wages/jobs, eviction from rented homes, no money to buy essentials, lack of medical assistance, all pointing to a grim future for them.

With your support of as small as Rs. 1000, we would be able to secure one vulnerable family during the lockdown situation. Our specially designed COVID-19 Stay@Home Kit includes awareness material, dry ration like rice, atta, sugar etc., sanitizer, soap, reusable face-masks and basic first-aid/medical kits.

Following 4-pronged strategy is being proposed (to be updated as per the developing situation with the advance of Covid-19),

  • Spreading awareness among local populations through social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc), and with the help of our International Associates, to avoid the spread of Covid-19 and proper care of the patients.
  • Providing basic support materials to marginalized and vulnerable people in India, for surviving extended lockdowns and restrictions on services. These include food kits, sanitation kits, face-masks and basic first-aid/medical kits.
  • Preparing homemade cloth-based face masks through home-based tailors who can provide services on voluntary/nominal charges basis. These masks would provide basic protection against spread of corona virus and other respiratory diseases to poor families as well as essential service provider workers like food vendors, police personnel, cleaners etc.
  • Mobilizing our skilled students trained in Healthcare courses like General Duty Assistant/Home Health Aide at our PMKK/PMKVY centres, to be ready as Reserved Medical Staff(RMS), to provide support as needed to Govt hospitals/medical centres, in collaboration with respective state’s health department.

Payment by Direct Bank Transfer

Account details: For Foreign Donations -
Sewa International
Account No.- 10080533326
Jhandewala Extn Branch(Delhi)
State Bank of India
Branch Code - 9371
Swift Code - SBININBB550
IFS Code - SBIN0009371
Account details: For Local Donations -
Sewa International
Account No.- 10080533304
Jhandewala Extn Branch(Delhi)
State Bank of India
Branch Code - 9371
Swift Code - SBININBB550
IFS Code - SBIN0009371

Distributing Food by Sewa Volunteers

Volunteers of Sewa International distributed food materials like atta, rice, potatoes, fruit juices, etc. for the migrants and their families, who were from Mahoba, UP, staying around Ashok Nagar area in Delhi. These landless migrants from UP are dependent on odd jobs/labour work for their daily wages.

On 28th of March 2020, a team of Sewa volunteers led by Smt. Subhadra, prepared, and distributed food to daily wage workers. The food was prepared by the team in the kitchen of a local eatery (closed for lockdown) with all safety measures and then distributed.

The details of the food distribution activity are as follows:

  • 149 food packets (90 plus 59 biscuit packets) served to daily wage workers at GJS Nagar, Film Nagar
  • 61 food packets served to the elderly and the disabled, living on the streets
  • 32 food packets served to Masidbanda area construction workers from Maharashtra
  • 40 food packets for team of doctors, who visited Bachupalli municipality
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