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Program Philosophy

The program is deeply rooted in the philosophy of Yoga: the connectedness of our inner and outer selves, being in resonance to live a life of purpose. As part of the Sewa Fellowship, we explore this connectedness of our intrinsic nature: SwaBhava, our authentic identities: SwaRoopa, and how the resonance of the two lead an individual towards fulfilling one’s SwaDharma. This is our framework for future social leaders to help them understand and navigate life with a higher purpose.

Sewa Leadership Framework

As we set-out on a journey to nurture grassroots leadership, there was a need to define a framework for defining the competencies needed to be nurtured for a grassroots leader. We faced the two most fundamental aspects of human existence: Swabhaava and Swadharma.

DIMENSIONS of Existence
Swabhaava | स्वभाव

LEVELS of Impact
Swadharma | स्वधर्म

SwaBhava, the intrinsic nature, is the combination of the three shaktis that make up every being in the Universe: Ichha Shakti (Will), Gyan Shakti (Knowledge), and Kriya Shakti (Action), as outlined in the Lalitha Sahasranamam.

It is the source from which aspirations take form, knowledge is acquired, and actions are propelled, shaping the unique essence and capabilities of an individual

As a human, one’s journey as humans is about exploring the purpose of existence. This purpose rests on two foundational elements of one’s existence: one’s intrinsic nature, and our authentic identity.
The resonance between these two is SwaDharma, where our nature and identity both find their complete expression. SwaDharma is the purpose that directs individuals to lead a life of righteousness and authenticity, creating a sense of joy and fulfilment.
Swaroopa, the authentic identity, serves as the outward nature of the individual in his/her interactions with the world: across the dimensions of Swayam (Self), Sangham (organisation), and Sarwam (society).
It is one’s identity and interactions with the world, starting with ourselves, i.e. one’s reflections/thoughts, one’s relationship with their organization/groups, and one’s interactions with the society at large.

The fellowship aims to nurture purpose, purity, and perseverance in young, bright minds, to enable a life of service for the nation and society.

Graduate Attributes

Here are some attributes of a Graduate Sewa Fellow that we wish to nurture, in sync with their SwaDharma


Graduate attributes encompass the values, dispositions, and knowledge the Fellowship journey aims to cultivate in Fellows, fostering success as grassroots leaders.

These attributes empower individuals to harmonise their inherent values, characteristics, and unique identity with their duties and responsibilities.

The uniqueness of India is the natural flow between philosophy and practice. Sewa Fellowship is an attempt in this continuum of Indian Civilization to bring the philosophy alive in practice with each fellow finding their expression of SwaDharma with authenticity in their developmental efforts.

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