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Sewa Fellowship is a strategic investment in human capacity, and grassroots organizations to build solutions for India's complex socio-economic-cultural matrix. We believe in the power and potential of youth to drive ideas, run movements, nurture organizations, and seek truth and justice to together build a better Bharat.

As a 100-week program, the fellowship equips young, bright minds with knowledge, skills and a mindset to serve. With extensive mentor support, the program bridges the needs of grassroots development with a vision for the future.

Key Features

100 weeks of serving Bharat

Community of 'One'

Doer's Perspective

Expert Mentorship

Guided Reflections

Positive Support

Learning Modules

Knowledge: ज्ञान शक्ति

  • Development in Practice
  • Development Research
  • Idea of Development
  • Knowing Bharat
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Technology and Society
  • Introduction to Public Policy

Skills: क्रिया शक्ति

  • Communication
  • Fundraising
  • Intervention Design
  • Organisation Development
  • Project Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Self Management

Will Power: इच्छा शक्ति

  • Sewa and Tyaga
  • Understanding Self
  • Team Management
  • Indic Lens for the Modern World
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Inspired Leadership
  • Personal Value System


Indicative Age: 21-30 years

Must have some volunteer experience with the community,with a minimum 1 year of equivalent work experience

Language constraints based on project locations

Selection Process


  • Self-Application with Basic Details and Statement of Purpose: Written/ Video Essay
  • Purpose: Knowing One Another


  • Assignments and a Digital Interview
  • Purpose: Assess the following:
    1. Respect for Community Wisdom
    2. Curiosity and Humility
    3. Purpose of joining the program


  • 3-day physical camp, with activities and in-person interview
  • Purpose: Temperament Check based on
    1. Leadership Skill
    2. Solution Orientedness
    3. Collaborative Working
    4. Purpose Alignment
    5. Personal Conversation

Fellow Journey

Potential Projects

Education, Skill Development

Agriculture, Livelihood and Social Business



Testimonials                                                    View More

"More than a century ago Swami Vivekananda proclaimed that 'Seva' (Service) and 'Tyaga' had to be the National Ideals of India. Sewa International has been pursuing these ideals over the last two decades. Whether it is educating tribal children in remote locations of India or being one of the first responders in a natural disaster, Sewa and their network of partners are a benchmark for civil society organisations around the world. Their professionalism manifests in their program efficiency and we are proud to be working together to build a resurgent India.”

Dr R Balasubramaniam
Founder & President
Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement

“Uttarakhand is a disaster-prone state and Sewa International has been instrumental in the rehabilitation and relief of the disaster-stricken areas. Even during Covid19 pandemic which almost brought human life to standstill, Sewa and its volunteers worked tirelessly to extend medical and essential support to the needy. As someone closely associated with Sewa through ‘Umeed Ke Sur’ a fundraiser to support covid relief in Himalayas, I appreciate the organisation’s initiatives for the beautiful state of Uttarakhand and its people.”

Jubin Nautiyal,
Musician & Singer

"Sewa International" has displayed remarkable selflessness to help the relief and rescue efforts in Operation Ganga. They showed true patriotism and personified the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam with poise and dignity.

Shri Hardeep Singh Puri,
Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas of India

Sewa International has been our ally in the field of development and it has been an honour for me to work with them side by side. When noble NGOs like Sea and political leaders come together, the development of an area becomes unstoppable.

Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat,
Former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand

Sewa International has done exceptional work during covid19, and we felt the need to join hands with them with their expertise with the community and Service. The innovations the team put in to ensure the telehealth solution reaches the ground were inspiring

Ankur Nijhawan,
CEO, Axa France Vie India

"Sewa International has done commendable work in preserving the ecosystem in the Himalayas. Great to see their work with farmers".

Dr. Vandana Shiva,
Founder, Navdanya

"I complement Sewa International for the remarkable voluntary efforts with the use of technology, establishing the ground for a new normal in the future of public health".

Dr. V. K. Paul,
Member, NITI Aayog


What's the selection process?

Step 1: Self-Application with Basic Details and Statement of Purpose: Written/ Video Essay
Purpose: Knowing One Another

Step 2: Assignments and a Digital Interview
Purpose: Assess the following:
Respect for Community Wisdom
Curiosity and Humility
Purpose of joining the program

Step 3: 3-day physical camp, with activities and in-person interview
Purpose: Temperament Check based on
Leadership Skill
Solution Orientedness
Collaborative Working
Purpose Alignment
Personal Conversation

When will the fellowship program begin?

The applications for the 2024-26 batch of sewa fellowship will start soon followed by the selection process. The batch starts in the month of August.

Will a certificate be awarded at the end of the fellowship?

Yes, a certificate will be awarded at the successful completion of the 2 years of the fellowship.

When will the results for the Phase-1 application be announced?

There are three steps in the selection process, and you'll get updates by email within 30 days after each step is done. The final results for the chosen candidates in the 2024-26 group will be shared by the end of June 2024.

Who is an ideal fellow for the Sewa Fellowship?

An ideal fellow persona would include three elements:

Passion to serve : The fellow aspirant should have a deep inner desire to go beyond the self in the pursuit of service. The fellow aspirant should be passionate towards social development.
Purposiveness: The fellow aspirant should have a deep belief in the having of a reason for their lives. An ideal fellow would be an optimist/realist who realises that life has a purpose, and he/she must live their lives in order to find/fulfil it.
Self Awareness: An ideal fellow would have a reflective mind for delving deeper into one’s own mind and heart.

Is there any domain from which you are looking for applications?

We welcome applicants from diverse fields. Social Development requires a multi-displinary approach for impact, and we are looking forward to building a diverse cohort of fellows for peer learning.

What are the academic qualifications needed for the fellowship? Is there a eligibility criteria?

The criteria of eligibility to apply for the Sewa Fellowship are:

  • Indicative Age: 21-30 years
  • Must have some volunteer experience with community
  • Minimum 1 year of equivalent work experience
There is no specific academic qualification requirement for the fellowship.

Will fellows get paid during the fellowship?

Yes. Yes. The support for the fellowship would be three forms. One, ₹20,000 per month during the entire period of grassroots work as stipend. Two, Around ₹1.75 Lakhs as a grant amount on the successful completion of the fellowship. Three, the accommodation and food would be taken care by their respective host organizations during the fellowship. Apart from this, there would be an additional investment on the trainings in the form of courses, reflective activities, immersive programs, and hands-on workshops.

Is there an age limit for fellowship application?

Yes. the fellows must be between the age group of 21-30 years. However, exceptional candidates are welcomed.

What is the total time commitment required for the fellowship?

The fellows will be serving for 100 weeks, i.e. around 2 years with partner organisations. This would be a full-time commitment. We are looking for candidates who are looking for a long-term commitment to social development, with a temperament to serve the nation.

What is the curriculum like?

The curriculum will deeply rooted in a doer’s perspective of social development in the grassroots. The entire structure is based on three pillars i.e. knowledge, skill, and will-power of the individual. The fellows would undergo 300 hours of curriculum in each year, from residential bootcamps, retreat camps, and online lectures. This is over an beyond the learning experiences that would happen while working on the ground.

The curriculum is an outcome of a deep reflection on India’s current and future needs, and the preparedness needed to fulfill the same. The curriculum is built with extensive consultations with grassroots leaders, domain experts, and senior academicians. Elaborated curriculum is also available on the fellowship homepage.

What are the application deadlines?

The applications are being accepted and processed on a rolling basis. So, the earlier you apply, greater are the chances to get selected. The deadline for the second phase of applications is May 5th , 2024.

What’s after the Sewa Fellowship?

The entire fellowship program is designed in a way to empower the fellows to take up complex challenges, and build solutions for them in their journey of serving our nation.

In the fellowship journey, the fellows would getting trained for hundreds of hours, would interact with 80+ senior leaders from 30+ organizations, and gain meaningful hands-on skills. With the extensive curriculum, enriching grassroots experiences, and expert mentorship, the fellows will be ready to join organisations for social change or this journey would empower them enough to take initiative on their own.

With the fellowship, we aim to build a community of young, bright minds who share a common vision for the nation and the world. The commitment to support the fellows goes much beyond the 2 years, and expands to the entire impact journey of the fellows. We understand this is a lifetime of togetherness in the mission of nation building, beginning with 2 years of the fellowship.

When will the fellowship program begin?

The first cohort will begin it’s journey with a 2-week residential training in the beginning of August.

Is there a calendar for the entire fellowship period?

Yes. The entire fellowship program is structured to maximize learning for the fellows. Here are some key elements:

  • BeAndMake Camp: We begin the program with a 2-week residential camp to provide a landscape view of the social sector, train them on key skills needed, and build perspective on development and grassroots change.
  • Grassroots Work: Each fellow would have a dedicated project to serve a community. This can be in any domain of development, like education, health, livelihoods etc, based on the available projects and interests of the fellow.
  • Immersive Programs: Once in every quarter, the fellows would join an immersive program with a senior social leaders, academicians and facilitators to deepen their understanding of society, nation and the world.
  • Digital Sessions: Every month, the fellows would have 5-6 sessions in the form of courses, peer activities, mentor sessions, and reflective exercises.

I am preparing for some competitive exams. Can I join the fellowship, and continue my preparations in the evening.

The fellowship isn’t about the physical time commitment to the program, but being mentally available to go through a transformative journey of building self-awareness, exploring purposiveness and deepening passion towards serving our nation.

It would be ideal to apply for the fellowship, if you are 100% available for the transformative journey called Sewa Fellowship.

Why are the essays important?

The essays are your opportunity to tell us about yourself and your interest in Sewa Fellowship. As they are extended answers with an upper word limit of 600 words and 300 words, you will be able to use them as an opportunity to demonstrate to us in detail your journey, and why you are a strong candidate for the Fellowship. Therefore, spend time developing your understanding of fellowship.

Inspite of registration/submission, why have I not received an acknowledgement email yet?

We are sure our system is completely compatible with email services such as Gmail and Yahoo. However, there are certain email services which are highly restrictive. Hence, it could be the case that the email we sent did not get delivered to you. Also, please check your Spam/Junk folder to ensure the email has not gotten delivered there. If you have still not received the email, please email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

What kind of projects will the fellows undertake in the two years of journey?

Each fellow would be assigned a community, and a project to work for the first year of the fellowship. These projects would be part of the partner organizations work in the area, and would vary from health, education, livelihoods, social businesses, tribal development etc. A tentative list of projects is mentioned on the fellowship homepage.

Which organizations would the fellows be working with?

We are working with some of the leading non-profits of India, to build the fellowship, and to act as the host organization for the fellows. This is a wide list of 30+ organizations, from 18+ states of India, who have served for years and decades on the ground.

The selection of the host organizations has been based on four factors: service mindset in the organizational culture, appetite for social impact, availability of mentor, depth of ground work, and geographic/project diversity. We would be able to share the list of organizations in the second round of the fellowship.

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