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Donor Privileges

Category 1: Common to All

a) All donors will receive an 80 G Receipt post making the donations.

b) An Impact Report for the project will be shared after the project is fully implemented.

Category 2: Individuals/corporates donating more than 100 kits

a) Personalized interactions/ VIP Event invitations/ Donor Exclusivity: The donor would be welcomed in the events related to the SEEK Campaign i.e. launch events, distribution drive, etc, to get a detailed insight of the project.

b) Momentous: Donors will be provided with an appreciation certificate upon making the required donations.

Category 3: Individuals/corporates donating more than 500 kits

a) Recognition: Donors will be acknowledged publicly for their contributions, i.e. having their names/logos/brands listed in campaign materials such as websites, newsletters, annual reports, or event programs.

b) Inclusivity: Major donors will be offered personalized interactions with campaign leaders or influential individuals associated with the cause. This can involve one-on-one meetings, phone calls, or video conferences to discuss their specific interests, concerns, or suggestions.

c) Exclusive Updates: Donors will receive regular updates on the campaign's progress, achievements, and upcoming activities. These updates can be either shared through email newsletters, personalized letters, or private briefings. Donors get privileged access to information that is not readily available to the general public.

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