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Damyanti Ben

Damyantiben, is a 40 year old lady with two teenage sons, one is 19 year old and the other is 16 years old. Damyanti Ben’s family has been doing embroidery work for generations. But due to lack of innovation and stagnant market, the economic situation of the family became very weak. Her husband, Ashok bhai works as a daily labourer and doesn’t get work daily. The average monthly income of the family of four was 5000 rupees, which is evidently insufficient. The family had to make hard choices, between the food and the education of the children. As a parent, it was hard situation to be in. The day to day struggle was taking its toll on the mental and physical health of the family. One fateful day, during her grocery shopping, Damayanti Ben came to know about the training program organised by Sewa International. She immediately contacted Sewa worker about the program and asked whether she could join in. She later admitted that the reassuring manner of the Sewa worker prompted her to join Sewa International training program. She enrolled herself in the training program which focuses on design and development. Damayanti ben already knew the Pakko* embroidery, hence the training acted as the guide to channelize her knowledge base and training to earn a livelihood. Impressed by her earnest desire to learn and change in her attitude after training, her husband Ashok Bhai has also joined her and helped her learn new designs.

Damyantiben has been associated with Sewa International since 2007. She has come a long way since then, now she has not only learned to do the traditional embroidery with better skills and techniques, but she also imparts training as a master trainer in the various trainings organized by Sewa International. She has imparted training to 100 women artisans so far. Along with the training, she also participates in various awareness drives related to the upliftment of women and society. Her husband looks after the marketing aspect of their endeavour. He procures the raw material and sells the products in the market too. Both the boys of Damyantiben and Ashok bhai are now studying well in their institutes.

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