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Banshari Ben

Banshari was forced to leave her studies at an early age due to indigent conditions of her family. She is a 21-year- old girl with two siblings. Banshari is the resident of Jiyapar village of Nakhatrana block of Kutch district. After leaving her school, Banshari started helping her mother in household chores. She was unhappy as she neither had any source of income nor any skill to start her own business. She wanted to stand on her own feet to fulfill her basic needs and also contribute to her family. After interaction with some people of her village, she learnt of Sewa International, an organization providing skill based training to women artisans. She met the representative of the organization in the village and got associated with the program. The program was being implemented by Sewa International in the selected village of Kutch district, for providing skill based training to artisans. As part of her association with Sewa International, she has learned to stitch “Kurti” (top for females) while participating in design and development training organised by the Sewa International. Organization also helped her to open a saving bank account in the nearby nationalised bank. After that, Banshari managed to get a sewing machine and started stitching kurtis at her home. Earlier the dresses were for the consumption of the family, but later on demand came from the neighbours and other community members. Now, she not only stitches dresses but also provides training and technical support to other girls and women of her community. Banshari’s financial status has improved gradually. Now she is able to earn 4000- 5000/- per month. She says she is very happy as now she is not only financially independent but also able to help her family. She feels that this is just a beginning towards a prosperous life ahead.

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