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Join Our School Cleanliness Drive - WASH Initiative

Inspiring Tomorrow's Clean Leaders through WASH

Sewa International is excited to announce the WASH Cleanliness Drive Competition, a unique initiative aimed at instilling the values of cleanliness and hygiene among young minds. In the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi's tireless efforts towards cleanliness and sanitation, Sewa International invites government, semi-government, aided, charitable, and trust-run schools to participate in this inspiring event. Let us come together to continue the legacy of our "Father of the Nation" and contribute to the Swachh Bharat mission.

This competition aims to:

1-Promote Awareness: Encourage students to become ambassadors of cleanliness in their communities.
2-Foster Healthy Habits: Teach the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation practices.
3-Instil Civic Responsibility: Develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society.
4-Celebrate Collective Effort: Recognize and reward schools for their outstanding contributions to cleanliness.


Competition Details

Registration Deadline: 25th February , 2024

Activity Timeline:

25th February - 15th March, 2024

Award Ceremony:

May 4th, 2024 (To be announced on the website)

Rewards and Recognition

● The top three schools will receive recognition and valuable prizes.
● Every participating school will be awarded a Certificate of Participation to honour their commitment to a cleaner world.
● 6 students from the winning schools will embark on educational field trips to deepen their understanding of environmental conservation. This includes a visit to Uttarakhand to work alongside renowned environmentalist Manoj Benjewal, as recognized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, or a camp experience with the Rajputana Rifles in New Delhi to explore ecology.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Only schools falling under the following categories will be eligible to participate in the State Cleanliness Drive competition: a. Government-run schools b. Semi-government schools c. Aided schools d. Charitable schools e. Trust-run schools

2. Each participating school must ensure the involvement of a minimum of 100 participants. These participants must include both students and teachers.

3. It is mandatory for all participating schools to submit summaries of their cleanliness activities. These summaries should include details about the implementation of planned activities, outcomes achieved, challenges faced, and lessons learned. Failure to submit these summaries may result in disqualification from the competition.

Note: These eligibility criteria are subject to review and revision as per the discretion of the organising committee (Sewa International). Schools are encouraged to actively engage in cleanliness initiatives and adhere to the specified guidelines. Schools that do not comply with these guidelines will be ineligible for the competition.

How to Participate?

1- Register Your School:

Register on behalf of your school to join the Cleanliness Drive. Once your application is submitted, you will receive a Gmail link, allowing you to easily upload videos and images showcasing your cleaning efforts.

2-Strategize Your Cleanliness Drive:

Develop a comprehensive plan for your school's involvement, emphasising cleanliness and hygiene practices to make a meaningful impact.

Implement the Drive:

Organise cleanliness drives within your school premises or local community, ensuring active participation from a minimum of 100 individuals.

Document Your Efforts:

Record the progress of your cleanliness initiatives by taking before-and-after photographs of your cleaning activities. Additionally, provide a detailed write-up that chronicles your clean activity, highlighting the challenges overcome and the positive impact created.

Please note that documentation should be presented in both written summaries and visual media, including videos and images.

3-Submit Your Entry:

Share your success stories, along with the visual documentation, by submitting your photos and videos through the provided Gmail link. This not only showcases your school's achievements but also contributes to the collective inspiration for others.

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