Rehabilitation project in Uttarakhand was launched on the auspicious occasion of Sankranti festival on 14th Jan 2014 by inaugurating the Computer training class at Ukhimath, Rudraprayag district. This activity is sort of a prelude to the project of “empowering community to organize and manage sustainable entrepreneurship models through agriculture”. The computer training centre, as expected, is attracting good number of youth from various surrounding villages and these contacts are being developed to reach out to some of the neighbouring villages. This centre has been sponsored by Sewa USA.

The activity in the first fortnight after the inauguration has been a bit slow because of the climatic conditions, being extreme cold on one hand while on the other it rained occasionally, retarding the pace of activity.

However, the initial preparatory activity is proceeding and the project team of SI is mapping out the areas and villages that are in bad need of empowerment through agriculture. Following are the villages which have been listed and are being contacted-

Agastyamuni Block-

  1. raydi
  2. Falai
  3. Silli
  4. Chaka
  5. Haat
  6. Arkhund
  7. Bhatwari

Ukhimath Block-

  1. Udaipur
  2. Ransi
  3. Pathali
  4. Mukku
  5. Ushada
  6. Saari

Most of these villages have not been approached by any organization or NGO for rehabilitation except for some of the abovementioned villages in the Agastyamuni Block wherein Care India is carrying on the house construction activity for the villagers.

The team could establish contact in 3 villages till 31st January and other villages are being contacted.

On the other front, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, the primary agricultural guidance centre for Rudraprayag district, has been contacted through G. B. Pant University for Agricultural Technology. Scientists from this University would be guiding and assisting the agriculture related activity including training and orientation of the farmers in the district.

Efforts for opening another computer training centre were also done and the search for hiring a suitable venue was carried out in Phata village as well as Chandrapuri village. This centre will be supported by Sewa Australia.

An amount of Rs.3 Lacs has been donated to Suryatanaya Sewa Samiti, Uttarkashi for relief activity, part of Uttarakhand relief and rehabilitation project.

Survey for construction of two school buildings in two towns have been carried out in association with Vidya Bharati. Both the schools were totally washed out to the extent that the ground also was washed away. In both the places Vidya Bharati has acquired plots for the construction of the building and Sewa International will build the class room complex. Sewa UK has committed to construct the school building in one of the towns while we are searching for a donor for funding the construction of the other.

Preparation for buying a Mobile Medical van was also carried out during the fortnight and fund for buying the Medical van have been disbursed to UDAPSS. The Medical Van would be operated by newly established Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission, Dehradun and will cover quite a good number of villages which do not have primary medical facilities available. This Medical unit has been sponsored by Sewa Canada International.