The 2013 floods were undoubtedly Uttarakhand’s worst disaster in the living memory. Flash floods occuring from intense rainfall swept away villages, households, towns, offices, cattle and livestock population, men, women , children- basically everything that stood in its way. While the national media was solely covering the rescue of thousands of tourists and pilgrims stranded in these floods, there was a section of population that had to bear the brunt of the tragedy long after everything was said and done, long after everyone left. The local populace, especially the menfolk whose major source of income is from the annual yatra that takes place around the areas of Char Dhaam.  These are the same people who run the dhabas for the entire 14 km trek route from Gaurikund to Kedarnath, selling raincoats, umbrellas, canes, sticks, soft drinks, water bottles, and all other essential supplies. You would see them often carrying children, the old, the infirm on their backs or running around ponies or horses carrying the yatris.

It was these young boys and men that lost their lives in the disaster leaving behind households with widows and orphaned children, often without any alternative and viable source of livelihood and income.

Sewa International’s endeavours in Uttarakhand began precisely with the objective of rehabilitation of these village folk and local population of the mountains. The vision and objective of our program there

The cradle of our rehabilitation program in Uttarakhand is Sewa Kaushal Vikas Kendra (SKVK), which is further split into 6 specialised constituents dealing with different aspects of the rehab.