Our SHG Initiative

                      Sewa Srujan monthly meeting in progress

The idea of community participation is at the core of this initiative. The idea behind creating Sewa Srujan is diversification of livelihood options available to the rural mountain population through skills that are known to them and that can be adopted by them. Under Sewa Srujan, women have been mobilised to form small groups and avail micro-financing benefits like group savings, small loans at low-interest rates in case of emergency. Interloaning for meeting their day to day needs has increased their confidence tremendously. The Micro Capital assistance has given them a new hope to start new enterprises making them economically independent and generating more money.


  • FORMATION OF NEW SHGs – The model of Self Help Group was adopted for serving the twin purpose of consolidating resources to attain a better bargaining power and to instil a sense of ownership especially amongst the womenfolk of the region. It is our belief that decentralised authority which rests amongst the stakeholders themselves, ensures equitable redistribution of wealth, better access and ability to avail the benefits of government policies and other welfare schemes.
  • LINKING SHGs WITH BANKS: Given the opportunities that the new age economy provides through banking, it becomes important that any model of sustainable development becomes financially inclusive as well. Opening savings bank accounts and maintaining them helps the beneficiaries to attain a stability in finances and to be able to avail the facilities provided by a bank such as loans and fixed deposits.

                              Mobilisation drive of women in progress

  • FORMATION OF FEDERATION COMPRISING OF SHGs: To increase the strength of members so that they have a better say and bargaining capacity in any business they enter into. The federations comprise of Board of Directors who are entrusted with taking care of the accounts, mobilising new members to join the group.
  • VEGETABLE SEED KIT DISTRIBUTION SHGs: Often the first step towards getting the seeds is the most difficult. In a hand holding gesture very often events are held where seed kits are distributed to the locals. This also helps in encouraging the women to pursue vegetable farming not as a kitchen garden activity but as an income generating option. The seeds distributed include that of Pea, Okra, Capsicum, Rai, Chilli, beans, Brinjal, Tomato, Radish, Pumpkin, Bottle Gourd.
  • PARTICIPATION IN FAIRS AND FESTIVALS: To provide a ready market for selling and marketing the produce, SHGs participate in fairs and exhibitions. This helps promote the product as well as find a suitable price for the produce. Participation in fairs and festivals also lifts the spirit of the workers and further bringing the community closer. 
  • TRAINING ON AGRICULTURAL MARKETING AND PRODUCTION PLAN: In the era of globalisation where economies are market driven, a farmer has to also turn into an entrepreneur and learn how to market his product well. For the same purpose, training is imparted to beneficiaries to keep them updated with the latest trends in the market and the adoption of innovative marketing strategies.
  • LAND SURVEY AND CROP PATTERN: The demography, the climate, cropping patterns and the land use patterns of a place are the foremost requisites of forming an action plan or policy for a region. In order to know the current status of
  • the crops and the farmlands of the SHG, data is collected, surveys done and then crop calendar prepared for the future.

                           An interactive learning session with the Interns

  • GOOD GOVERNANCE TRAINING OF DIRECTORS: The directors of the federation are trained to develop good governance practices. Also inculcating in them a sense of leadership and responsibility to steer these SHGs towards prosperity and success. 
  • HIMSAMPADA: Him Sampada is the producer organization facilitated by Sewa International which would help the beneficiaries get the best market and facilities so that the idea of creating a self-sustainable society could become a reality. From collecting capital to investment decisions the stakeholding rights will stay with the SHG members. 


    • With a total of 2167 members, the functioning SHG number stands at 201.
    • 100 SHGs through all clusters linked to centralised banks with a net saving of almost 10 lakh.
    • About Rs 2.5 lakh revenue generated through exhibitions and fairs in Agastyamuni, Pokhari, Dehradun and New Delhi.
    • A total saving of Rs 11,18,570 till May 2018.
    • A total of 5 federations formed each in Tapovan(386 members), Pokhari(365 members), Narayanpuri(223 members), Chandrapuri (407 members)  and Simli(205 members) with a total of 63 directors trained till now.
  • Revenue generated by the sales and marketing of products like Pea, Turmeric, Marigold garlands and Ginger rose up to more than Rs 1 lakh.