unnamedArogya Mitra are the community health workers, under Seva Bharati Purbanchal, they are trained in basic health care to be able to serve in the remote and inaccessible areas, especially rem
ote villages in North- East. The training was held for these Arogya Mitras, at Titabor village in Jorhat district of Assam from 2 Sep- 10 Sep 2016. This 9-days training was attended by 25 Arogya Mitras. During the training they were taught about basic first-aid, health diagnostics, pre/neo natal issues handling. They were also given the training in the alternate medicine aid like Homeopathy and Ayurveda. After the training, they would attend a month-long medical camp, providing services to the underprivileged and needy people, in various parts of the country. They form a much needed health support, in the areas with little or non-existent health infrastructure. Their work in the Northeastern states of India is phenomenal. More than 50,000 Arogya Mitras have been trained, since the inception and 14,000 Arogya Mitras are serving in various parts of the country.



unnamed-2Sewa International is committed to the cause of artisans. It is supporting the Kutchi artisans and weavers, through its project Sewa Kala Shrushti Private Limited, Kutch, Gujarat. In order to showcase its products, made by the Kutchi artisans, Sewa International participates in various arts and crafts exhibitions around the year. This month we are exhibiting at, Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai, for the Dastkaari Crafts Bazaar organised by Dastkaari Haat Samiti from 24 Sep- 2 Oct 2016. We are honoured to have the opportunity to expose the talent, the authenticity and the stories of our artisans. This exhibition is going to specially showcase our, Kashi-to-Kutch project. Under the project, we take the cloth woven by weavers of the Banaras, and send this cloth to Kutch, where Sewa Kutch’s artisan women do intricate Kutchi embroidery. The outcome is a beautiful and one of its kind product in the world. Joining two traditions, centuries- old, and culturally ingressed in the region, by threads of cloth. We are going to exhibit products like bags, stoles, dupattas, kurtis in the exhibition.





unnamed-3A one day ‘Youth orientation workshop’ was organised in PG College at, Augustyamuni and Pokhri, by Sewa Saahas, a livelihood generation initiative of Sewa Uttarakhand. The main focus of the orientation workshop was- volunteerism, career in tourism and disaster management. The workshop was attended by 100 youths. After the completion of the workshop, 40 youths have registered with Sewa Saahas, to volunteer and attend the further training.

Sewa Uttarakhand is the Uttarakhand Chapter of Sewa International, doing rehabilitation  after the disastrous floods of 2013. Sewa Uttarkhand is working in the key areas of agriculture, health, skill development, livelihood generation, and women empowerment. Sewa Saahas is the livelihood generation initiative of Sewa Uttarakhand, under which we train youth as guides to tap into the immense tourism potential of the Uttarakhand. The scenic beauty of Uttarakhand attracts many tourists from around the world. The tourism industry has ample scope of growth in the state, this should benefit the local people, specially the youth of the state. We train them in the basics of tourist guides, and the combination of their indigenous knowledge and training, they should be able to generate a livelihood out of it.



unnamed-5A mobile medical unit was inaugurated on 22 Aug 2016, in Chennai by Seva Bharathi Tamil Nadu. The Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) is equipped with all the basic facilities of a dispensary level equipment. The MMU is to provide services in the areas of Chennai, where generally there are no dispensaries or other medical health facilities are available. Currently, the MMU is operating at 2 locations daily, 6 days a week. It is serving 40-45 patients per day, at each location. MMU is working under the mentorship of Dr. Hariharan, who has been associated with Seva Bharathi for many years now. Due to limited permit, the MMU is operating at 2 locations, but the citywide permit is awaited. After gaining the city permit, the MMU is expected to serve 500-900 families, making an impact in the slum and other areas of the city with dilapidated medical facilities.


Constructed 30 toilets in Ramnagar Village, Varanasi


unnamed-12‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India, is one of the biggest projects ever conceived on the subject of cleanliness. One important aspect of ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’ is to make, India open defecation free by 2019.  Sewa International in support and furtherance of this government initiative, constructed 30 toilets, in Bhiti village, Ramnagar, Varanasi. Some of the beneficiaries, of the program were Rajkumar Sonkar, Sitara Devi, Omkar, Upkar, Jyoti, Gunja Devi and Rajesh Patel. They expressed immense gratitude towards the organization after the construction of the toilets in their houses.

Open defecation free India, would be not only a cleaner India but, it would be a dignified India. In the villages, women face the worst case scenarios, for not being able to use the loo. There are many cases, where women are abducted, assaulted during the morning hours only, while on their way to make the loo. There are cases of men and women being poached upon by the wild animals, during the morning hours. So, by providing toilets in the home, would have a multiple effect on the society. SewaInternational with the help of its benevolent donors is working towards a clean India- dignified India.


Sewa Uttarakhand Bulletin:

  • This month Sewa Kaushal Vikas Kendra, was inaugurated in Pokhri district of Uttarakhand. Sewa Kaushal Vikas Kendra is a CoE, a multi-skill development center, at district and block level to ensure institutional service delivery mechanism for the long-term benefit of the region. The specific objective of the project is to create an employable and entrepreneur community, that measurably contributes to the improvement of rural livelihoods and provides farmers, artisans, women and youth with the resources necessary to initiate sustainable livelihood activities, in the disaster prone and hilly areas of Uttarakhand.


  • Training in Narayankoti: As a part of support and promotion of the organic farming, women farmers were given training in organic farming and organic pesticides preparation.


  • Sewa International realises that participation of local people ensures the better and impactful developmental activities. Sewa Uttarakhand insists on the local participation in the developmental activities. In accordance to this PRA exercise has been carried out in Badgaon, Haat, and Pokhari villages. Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) is the approach aims to incorporate the knowledge and opinions of rural people in the planning and management of development projects and programmes.


  • Sewa Krishi Demo Center in Chandrapuri is the hub of activities all the year round. This month women farmers from the Rudraprayag and Chamoli districts, were given training in preparation of nursery and vegetable bed preparation.