Diwali, a festival that brings the family together!!! As you are a part of the Sewa family, we hope that our bond deepens as we work together to achieve our goal of making and nurturing a better society around us.
Shubh Deepawali !!!

Picture of the Month
Blanket Distribution Drive-In Uttarakhand

Blanket Distribution by Sewa International.
On 7th Oct 2018, Sewa Uttarakhand team reached Urgam and Tapovan cluster area of Chamoli district, where blankets were distributed amongst the roadside labourers, needy widows, and handicapped people.
Blankets and quilts were distributed amongst 250 households at Urgam and 400 households in Tapovan rural area to provide much-needed relief from the winters that are fast approaching.

Sewa Uttarakhand

HARELA Project Training

As part of our newest initiative for Sustainable Livelihoods in Uttarakhand, Project HARELA (Himalayan Agriculture Rejuvenation and Enhancement of Livelihood for Agri-preneurs) was launched in partnership with ONGC and knowledge partner as Eklavya Foundation. The program commenced with the week-long (22nd – 27th Oct) visit cum Training of Trainers program for Sewa Trainers by Shri Ramakanth Boorla of Eklavya Foundation. The project aims to train farmers in Organic Farming with an increase in their income, and also develop demo organic forms in three districts of Dehradun, Rudraprayag and Chamoli to encourage more farmers to join Organic Farming. During the week, Shri Ramakanth visited existing Sewa Demo farms and provided training and information on various biofertilizers/pesticides as well as techniques to ensure high-quality products with high yields. He also worked with our trainers on preparing the yearly training calendar for our beneficiaries. At the end of the training, both trainees and trainer were content having learnt something new to help the community.

Educational Exposure Visit
Vande Mataram Foundation’s Students and Teachers

A 25 member Team of Students and Teachers Team visited Sewa International Uttarakhand projects areas to get the projects insights and culture of Uttarakhand in Rudraprayag and Chamoli districts between 4th – 6th Oct, 2018. During the visit, they were given a briefing about the various projects and activities of SI in the 2 clusters of Rudraprayag & Chamoli districts.
They also visited the PMKK centres and had interactive sessions with all Sewa team members. Visiting team also witnessed cultural activities organized by villagers, depicting the costumes, way of life and culture of Uttarakhand. The team also participated in a cleanliness drive around Pokhari Cluster and had lots of fun during the KarthikSwami trek. It was a great learning and interactive experience for both the children and the Sewa Uttarakhand team.

Sewa Kashi
Weekend Activities Introduced For Ramnagar Tuition Center


At Sewa Kashi, we have started weekend activities for children at our tuition centers in Bhitti village in Ramnagar area of Varanasi(UP). Co-curricular activities help in enhancing the cognitive and logical abilities of a child and hence are an important aspect of a child’s growth and education. We plan to introduce various activities in arts, crafts, dance, music and literature to expose children to a variety of knowledge enhancing and personality development methods and means. This month the students made various creative crafts from day to day waste products as well as beautiful toys from clay. It was really amazing to see some of the beautiful products that children made on their own.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, Sewa Uttarakhand in its SKVK centre at Pokhari and our PMKK Centers across Uttarakhand organized Swacchta Campaigns whereby girls from Kishori Samuh, women members of the SHGs and PMKK Trainees, participated with great enthusiasm. The activities throughout the day involved picking up of polythene waste from village streets, cleaning the village and spreading awareness on the importance of maintaining the clean environment.
At Sewa Kashi centres also, children and volunteers contributed to the cleanliness of their surroundings. The enthusiasm of these young children was worth a watch. Every year keeping up with the teachings of Gandhi Ji, the values of cleanliness and sanitation are inculcated in these children by means of various activities in their respective community.

The launch of Sewa Promotional Video At
“Sewa Beyond CSR” Event

We were delighted to host Ma. Bhaiyyaji Joshi(Sarkaryavah, RSS), at an event in Mumbai at prestigious Motilal Oswal Towers, for his talk on “Sewa beyond CSR”. It was also the occasion for the very first launch of the 24 minutes movie on Sewa International’s work, showcasing latter’s various projects and their impacts over the community across India and Abroad.
This video was the result of around 25,000 km of travel spread over 74 days by our 2 talented filmmakers, Mohan Kumar, and Shashi Mutiyala, who worked hard over the year to prepare and release the very well made video, which was admired by all present.
In a fully-packed Sky Lounge of around 150 well-wishers of Sewa International, Ma. Bhaiyyaji appreciated the work done by Sewa International over the years and extolled all of us to do more to serve the community. He stressed the need to do go out in the field and serve, rather than just read/write about social service. The real understanding and satisfaction come from actually meeting and listening to the people who we want to serve. His anecdotes from various life-experiences on Sewa, were lifetime lessons for all present.
Shri Shyam Parande (Secretary, Sewa International) informed the audience of the various relief/rehab and development work done by Sewa International movement since 1993 across the globe, including 2001 Kutch earthquake, 2004 Tsunami, recent Hurricane Harvey in the USA etc. The acceptance and recognition of Sewa International’s work internationally were applauded by the audience.
Towards the end, it was very satisfying to see the smiling committed people who were more eager than ever, to contribute towards the betterment of the society!!

Toilet & Hygiene Project
Success Story Of Government School Navalgund, Karnataka

We have completed the construction of two bio-toilets at Navalgund, Karnataka. These bio-toilets were inaugurated by Smt. Jayanthi Ramanan. The students appreciated the efforts of Sewa team and the donors. Before the water connection, children had to walk 1 km to get water from a local railway station. The existing toilets were non-functional. But now with the construction of bio-toilets in the premises the children especially girls have a renewed enthusiasm to continue their education.

Repair And Renovation Of Existing Toilets, Agra

Area of work: Agra, Uttar Pradesh
The bio-toilet has been constructed along with a bio-digester and a water tank.
The students were delighted about the new sanitation and water facilities provided to their school. Smt. Jayanthi Ramanan, our Project Director, interacted with the local residents, students and school management on the importance of hygiene and healthcare, and use of the new sanitation facilities.
Table 1: List of schools where toilets were renovated/repaired

S. No. School Name  Toilet Units No. of Students
1 Primary School Nagla Padma, New Suraksha Vihar Colony, Gwalior Road 1 52
2 Primary School, Islam Nagar 1 146
3 Primary school, Haribhawan Kanya 1 90
4 Upper Primary School, Basai Khurd 1 61
5 Primary School, Basai Kala 1 140
6 Primary School, Krishna Colony, Jeevni Mandi 1 250
7 Upper Primary School, Chalesar 1 59
8 Primary School, Taal Furor Khan 1 50
9 Primary School, Haribhawan Kanya 1 90
10 Primary school, Nagla Fakeer Chand 1 115

Sewa USA – Post Harvey Hurricane Rebuilding Efforts In Houston

Sewa International USA along with Brazoria County has been actively involved in rebuilding lives after the Harvey Hurricane in Houston that hit the area causing widespread destruction and loss of life and property. Sewa USA has gone the extra mile in not just rescuing the victims but also rehabilitating them by constructing new houses for the families in the community. Brazoria County is a partnership between state, federal and non-profit organizations to keep an open dialogue with residents as they move forward from the disaster.