Sewa International is participating in “Lok Gatha Utsav” at IGNCA in collaboration with the Deendayal Research Institute (DRI), New Delhi. It is a festival of the cultural heritage of India; ‘Lok Gatha Utsav’ is being organized on the Birth Centenary of Rashtrarishi Nana Ji Deshmukh at Mati Ghar Lawns, C. V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi from 28 Nov to 3 Dec 2017.

The focus of the festival is on oral epics, ballads, and legends in performance, arts & crafts traditions of folk and tribal communities of India. Around 500 traditional folk artists from all over the country are invited to present the rich traditional and cultural heritage of India built around their narrative and traditions. This festival will also showcase a rich variety of traditional crafts and textiles of India. Sewa International is showcasing its products from “Sewa Kashi” and “Sewa Kutch” projects viz. Silk handloom dupattas, handloom silk stoles, sling bags from Kutch, Mobile pouches, Tote bags etc. There are special arts and crafts workshops for school children to learn from the Artisans. The inaugural performance was given by the internationally acclaimed ‘Manganiyar Recital’ from Rajasthan, choreographed by the famous art director and composer Roysten Abel.



  • During the festive season, a round of fairs is organized by the union and state government. It’s a good opportunity for the Artisans, Co-operatives, Farmers, SHGs, and Handicraftsmen to showcase and sell their products. Sewa International participates in these exhibitions and fairs bolstering the farm and non- farm initiatives of the project. In November, Sewa Uttarakhand participated in “Gauchar Mela” and “Augustyamuni Mela” in Rudraprayag and Chamoli districts from 14 Nov 2017 onwards. Sewa team put up the stall of non-farm products made under its Programs- Sewa Mahila Jyoti and Sewa Srujan. These products were prepared and packaged by the women associated with its Knitting centers and SHGs initiatives in Uttarakhand. The Member of Legislative Assembly of the Kedarnath constituency and District Magistrate of Rudraprayag visited SIB’s stall and inquired about the projects running in the region. They appreciated the Sewa International Bharat’s efforts towards women empowerment through skill-based training and market linkages. He encouraged the workers of Sewa International to continue the good work.

helth kit

  • In November under the program “Swasthya Sahayogi Sewa”, Sewa Uttarakhand formed a Community Health Committee, for the establishment of broad approaches to health improvement that involves a wide range of activities and individuals. The aim is that each village and community participating in a health programme should establish a committee at the local level. The committee will coordinate and support the different activities and provide leadership for the community and will serve as the linkage with local and state level staff, involved in various programs and schemes run by the government. Community Health Committee is therefore crucial for broadening the approach and promoting the health at the village level.


SVMM final

Sewa International health initiative Sri Vivekananda Medical Mission (SVMM), Kerala inaugurated a hospital in Wayanad on 4 Nov 2017. The inauguration was done by Hon. Minister of State for Finance and Shipping Mr. Pon Radhakrishnan. This hospital will cater to the needs of tribal people living in the Wayanad district. This venture has been initiated, based on the necessity to avoid the traveling to big cities for first-class health and medical care and in the process saving the hard earned income of the already impoverished sections of the society and tribal communities. The project would prove to be a stepping stone to an ongoing mission of providing the first-class health care to the needy at the affordable rate. It will not only cater to the healthcare needs of the region but also generate jobs for the youth living in the area. The H’ble Minister in his address emphasized the need to improve the well-being of the people of Kerala by ensuring access to quality healthcare services and lauded the efforts of Sewa International Bharat for the region.


Sewa TT

Heavy rain that started in October 2017 caused major floods in parts of Trinidad and Tobago, leaving numerous submerged homes, roads and farms and thousands of marooned citizens. The extended moderate to heavy showers, additional flooding, and landslides across the country over the next weeks, caused heavy damage in the country.

Sewa Trinidad and Tobago carried out drive to assist people affected by flooding. During the drive, the volunteers of Sewa worked on the ground doing relief and rescue, in tandem with councilors, disaster management units, and regional corporations. They provided relief in the affected areas and helped in preparations by assessing the needs specific to each area. Mr. Revan Teelucksingh of Sewa Trinidad and Tobago said,”There were more than 2,000 food packets, which were distributed in the flooded areas.”  He also said that during the flood and relief operations all the citizens displayed a great sense of solidarity and generosity, which reflected the benevolent nature of human spirit.


Dev Diwali1

Sewa International celebrated “Dev Diwali”, on 4 Nov 2017, at Balua ghat in Ramnagar, Varanasi. It was celebrated as a part of larger “Ramnagar Dev Dipawali Mahotsav”. Sewa International expressing the solidarity with beleaguered weaver community conducted this cultural event. Dev Diwali is observed after fourteen days of Diwali, it marks a tribute to river Ganga. In the honor of goddess Ganga, locals paint their homes in vivid paintings and light earthen lamps. The cultural event supported underlying themes of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Skill India, Namami Gange and Education for all. The holistic development initiative, “Swacch, Kushal, Shikshit Kashi”, of Sewa International in Varanasi led by Dr. Govind Singh urged for the more support from the community. The local artists performed in the event and enthralled the audience. More than 2000 earthen lamps were lit on the ghat, at the end of the event.

The chief guest of the program was H’ble Swami Jitendranand Saraswati, National General Secretary of Ganga Mahasabha. He was welcomed by Mr. Kailash Agarwal, RSS Pracharak. Swami ji in his address emphasized the importance of cleanliness in our daily life. He reaffirmed the goals of ‘Namami Gange’, exhorted to maintain the natural flow of river Ganga, and restriction on the commercial activities hampering the flow on the bank of Ganga.

On Sunday Nov 5, 2017, 50 members of Sewa International and people from Ramnagar cleaned banks of Ganga. The team cleaned the debris and waste from the program and thousands of earthen lamps that were lighted during the program. The main objective of this program is to make people responsible towards the cleanliness. This unique initiative of cleaning up after the event has been lauded by the local residents a lot and they participated in the cleanliness drive with fervour.

Dev Diwali final


ghadg (1)

Arunodaya school, Gadag, Karnataka hosted the guests from England this month, Sewa International UK Team members Mr. Natwar Lal and Mr. Waljibhai Wadia on 04 Nov 2017.  They were accompanied by the office bearers of Seva Bharathi Trust. They visited the school and observed the activities of the children. They also interacted with parents and teachers and gave valuable suggestions for future improvements. They expressed their happiness and satisfaction about the ongoing construction work.

Arunodaya school is a unique school for children with special needs, viz. underdeveloped brain, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and multiple disabilities. Presently, the institute provides care to 48 such students, and about 150 parents having such special children avail the counseling services and specific guidance for taking better care of their kids. The coaching and care are provided by the professional teachers and the Trained staff. The counseling of the parents is provided by the doctors who have specialized in this area.

Sewa International Bharat along with Sewa UK is helping in the construction of a school building with state of the art facilities.  The upcoming facility will provide all kinds of services under one roof such as:

  • Imparting practical education to make the special children self-reliant
  • Physiotherapy centre with modern equipments
  • Visual input room to increase their responding capacity
  • Electromagnetic therapy
  • Regular counselling facilities to the parents by experts, doctors
  • Psychiatric consultations

The school which was earlier catering to the people around the Gadag town has now extended its services to the whole district.

Ghadag final



The housing crisis has added to the homelessness situation in USA. More than 4 percent of adolescents and 10 percent of young adults nationwide were living on the street, in cars or shelters, or couch-surfing at some point in the last year, according to a sweeping study by the University of Chicago released in November 2017. We live in a strange world where we expect that a young person who suffered in their childhood has to get everything together when they’re 17 before they get housing. No young person should ever be left to fend for themselves that way. But especially young people that have suffered. Once they do exit the environment that they have been residing in, isolation kicks in and they tend to gravitate towards people and choices that are maybe not the best for them. It is better to intervene when there is a homeless situation with kids, with support they could be steered towards a better tomorrow. With this view, Sewa USA team had an engaging, fun and learn session with the kids at Hebron Homeless shelter.  Volunteers played games with the kids inside and outside the house. They made craft together as well. Kids were very excited and were asking about the next session. Objective of the session was to make the kids happy. Happy kids means happy and stress free parents! It’s our way of reminding these kids … it doesn’t matter where you are, where you go, that you still belong!