IMG-20170531-WA0001This week a delegation of social workers and social entrepreneurs from Concern India Foundation visited Sewa International project “Swachh-Shikshit-Kushal Kashi”. The delegation visited SIB’s skill development project in Ramnagar area of Varanasi. This project supports and promotes the handloom weavers in Varanasi. The delegation oversaw the project and appreciated the initiative. They showed special interest in the Weaver Training Program of Sewa International and suggested the scaling up of the program so that it could benefit maximum weavers. SewaInternational has been working for the holistic development of handloom weavers and Varanasi area. Concern India Foundation is a registered non-profit charitable trust with Pan -India presence. The foundation is working in the areas of education, health, community development and natural resource management.




IMG-20170531-WA0010On 24 May 2017, a public meeting was held for the project ‘Swachh-Shikshit-Kushal Kashi’ in Varanasi. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Shyam Parande Global Co-ordinator Sewa International. The chief guest of the meeting was Mr. Vinod Tiwari and the special guest was Mr. Dev Bhattacharya. In the meeting, Mr. Shyam Parande emphasized on the need to reach out to the maximum people under SIB’s initiative. Various aspects of social services were also discussed. Mr. Bhattacharya elaborated on the use of industrial resources for the social welfare, as to how the industrial sector could be beneficial for the societal development. Around 700 people attended the program. The other distinguished guests who attended the meeting were Dr. Tejbali Singh, Dr. Ramasre Singh, and Mr. Giridharlal Dave.



DSC_1358Adriana Salazar, a social worker and volunteer from Colombia is visiting Uttarakhand sewa projects. She is visiting various villages in the target areas of Rudraprayag and Chamoli. During her visit she will meet the Self-help groups under SIB’s vertical SewaSrujan and visit various computer, knitting, and agriculture demo-centers. During her visit, she would be doing the capacity building with Kishori Samoohas, and Swasthaya Sakhis. She would also trek the Sewa Saahas treks developed by Sewa Uttarakhand team. Adriana is a yoga practitioner and has immense respect and admiration for Indian culture.


20170526_124017The Trust board meeting of Sewa International Bharat was held in Mumbai, on 26 May2017. The meeting was attended by all the trust board members, it started with the prayer for the health and prosperity of mankind. This meeting proceeded as per the agenda and minutes were prepared. The discussion was held on the potential areas of growth and development for SI in the year. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ramesh Mehta, President Sewa International. Special invitees to the meeting were Mr. Jadhav Gorasia, Mr. Ravi Kumar, Mr. Siddhartha Agicha, and Mr. Ramesh Subrahmaniam.


Bhavnagar in Gujarat is known for social service. The city is known as ‘Ganda nun Gaam’, the city of mental persons, because many mental patients travelling by trains are dropped here and many local people and organisations look after them. Shishuvihar and the late Maanbhai Bhatt are also known for such works. But now three persons of the city have come forward for the cause of soldiers. They are Janardanbhai Bhatt, Rakshaben Dave and Nimeshbhai Trivedi. Among them, Janardanbhai Bhatt is the highest donor. He donated whopping Rs 1.02 crore for the welfare of soldiers. And that too when he lives on pension!

Shri Bhatt retired from State Bank of Saurashtra as a clerk. Janardanbhai is an RSS swayamsevak. He used to go to Neelkanth Shakha held at RuvapariDarwaja. He says, “My all social work is due to the samskar of the RSS. I learnt honesty, sincerity, integrity, devotion and dedication in the Shakha.” He worked with Chandabhai Dave in the union, who is among the pioneer swayamsewaks.

From 1970, Janardanbhai started gifting sweets, fire crackers to orphan children. His union donated Rs 1 lakh for electrification of a cremation ground. Janardanbhai has been doing this work because he has great support from his better half Padmaben who is SwadhyayPariwar worker. Both got married in 1955 and their married life has become inspiration  for many a couple. Janardanbhai donated Rs 6 lakh for dialysis to Bajarangdasbapa Hospital, Bhavnagar. His wife gave Rs 16 lakh to the same hospital next year in memory of her parents.  Janardanbhai could donate such a huge amount because his friend’s father advised him to invest in stock market long ago. This investment is now giving good returns.

After his initiative, significantly two persons came forward for donation. One is Rakshaben Dave. She is also retired professor. She has donated Rs 1 lakh! One Nimeshbhai Trivedi donated Rs 25,000.

Rakshaben says, “When the news of video of soldiers complaining about food served to them broke out, she could not take her meal. I thought what could be done for them? Then I heard news that the soldier was detained.” Rakshaben thought to do something for soldiers but didn’t know how to do. She has written more than 70 books on Hinduism. So she thought, “When there is will, she will find way also.” And then news came from Ashokbhai Pandya, a colleague of Janardanbhai Bhatt about donation. She is now thinking to donate Rs 1 lakh more on Raksha Vandan to such souls! — (Jaywant Pandya from Ahmedabad).


Maggi's Photo

Every day now and then we come across a person whose life has been touched by Sewa International, and meeting such person is a fulfilling experience both ways. One such person is Maggi ben. The 26-year-old Maggi had many dreams in her eyes. She wanted new dresses for herself like her other friends and some kitchen appliances for her home. But her family income was not sufficient to fulfill these dreams, hence dreams remained unfulfilled for most of her adult life.  Her husband works in the hospital and his salary is 5000/- per month. They were hardly able to save a single penny after arranging basic things for the family.

Maggi belongs to Rabbari community and she resides in Jiyapar village of Naktala block of Kutch district. She was proficient in the traditional embroidery work. Occasionally she used to do the embroidery, on her own clothes. Maggi was desperate to make some money to fulfill her dreams. She met with the representative of SewaInternational and got associated with the organization. SI not only provided her training on embroidery to develop her skills and make her aware of market trends but also gave her employment with the organization.

She is associated with the SI for five-years now. While sharing her experience she says, “I am able to buy new clothes and kitchen appliances, I am no longer dependent on other persons to fulfill my dreams. I feel proud of myself and now I am enjoying my life”, she says with the twinkle in her eyes.