Picture of month 

Saving a person will not change the world but for that one person, the world will change. That was perhaps felt by Leela Devi, an elderly lady of 62, suffering from paralysis, who couldn’t walk to save herself from the landslide that hit Kuling village in Uttarakhand. When the Sewa Saahas volunteers rushed her on their back to the bus, her eyes were filled with blessings and gratitude for them. It is this love and benediction that touches our lives every day that makes us so grateful for the service we do, for the work that touches a hundred lives.

Bru Tribal Rehab


In an area where the residents have been living in conditions bereft of electricity, safe drinking water and health facilities, solar lighting can be a boon. Sewa International in collaboration with Being Volunteer through its Solar Light distribution program hopes to lighten up the lives of local people and especially, the children, for whom a light would mean added hours of study, more time spent with the family and a brighter future. Around 288 solar lights were distributed in Bandarima area of North Tripura among bru tribal population, followed by a brief session on how to make the best use of these lights. 

Ashapara SSA(Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan) school in North Tripura provides free education to the kids till 4th class, as part of SSA campaign, but kids are left on their own after finishing 4th standard. To address this situation, teachers of the school came forward and started taking classes after the primary school, for the students of 5th-8th standard. Sewa International appreciated this initiative and came forward to provide for the honorariums of these teachers as well as resolved to help with the education needs.
These teachers and students are not short of inspiration but lack resources, so as part of its School Kit distribution program, Sewa International recently organized a textbook distribution event at the Ashapara SSA(Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan) school in Tripura for the Bru community. 75 students from classes 5th to 8th were distributed books for various subjects like Hindi, Maths, English, Science etc. We hope that our endeavors towards educating the children of this underprivileged community to become a foundation for a new and a bright future for them.

Sewa Kashi

Kisan Sangoshthi – Motivational cum Awareness Camp

Having a motivated team is as important as relentless and hard work. Sewa International recently had a Motivational cum Awareness session for the associated farmers in Kashi. Mr. Shyam Parande (Secretary, Sewa International) addressed the farming community of Purushottampur (Chunar) and informed them about the various initiatives Sewa is running in India and Kashi. He praised the farming community for their hard labour to ensure that everyone have food on the table as well as the need for more mechanization/training for better farm management to increase yields and make farming profitable. He asked farmers to take advantage of various schemes that government is running like PKVY, PMKSY etc, to get benefitted. He also mentioned about Farmer Producer Organizations as an institutional mechanism through which they can make sure that farmers can get together and produce collectively for better pricing and have a share in the profits of the produce. Farmers were very appreciative of Sewa’s efforts to promote farming and requested to continue the training support programs.

Sewa Uttarakhand

This monsoon, owing to heavy rains in the Uttarakhand region, many places witnessed, landslides, cloudbursts, causing some amount of damage to people and property. Some of the affected areas are scattered around Chamoli district where our volunteers took up relief work focussing mainly on relief materials along with blanket distribution to help the victims survive the upcoming cold weather. 

  • Sewa International in collaboration with Sone ki Chidiya foundation distributed blankets in Chai Village amongst 90 households. Also, 150 labourers in Bhapkund were given blankets in an effort to provide some respite against the heavy rains.
  • Sewa Team reached the Kunda Sera and Mokhmalla villages of Ghat, distt Chamoli, where another incident of cloudburst took place damaging around 15 households. Sewa volunteers distributed blankets and relief material to the victims. 
  • A cloudburst in Kulling area of Chamoli district causing heavy rains and affecting 50 households occurred on 24th July. This incident led to washing away of bridges, roads, cutting off connectivity in the village. Sewa International team in collaboration with Sone ki Chidiya Foundation distributed blankets and quilts amongst 50 households. 

Toilet Project for the Girl Child

According to the World Health Organization, an average of Rs. 6500 per person was lost in India due to lack of cleanliness and hygiene. Swachh Bharat would make a significant impact on public health and in safeguarding income of the poor, ultimately contributing to the national economy.” – Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi 

Phase-I of toilet installation has completed in Agra successfully. Out of 25 schools, 10 schools were shortlisted for installation of Toilets in Phase 1. Phase 2 will see the completion of the remaining 15 toilets. With permission from Education Department and the District Magistrate, 10 toilets have been installed throughout primary and some upper primary schools, one each in Sewla Sarai, Kuberpur, Sewla Tajganj, Gopalpur, Idgah Bus Station, Tajganj, Jeevni Mandi, Tedhi Baghia.

The new RCC model has a low-cost BIO Digesters instead of a general soak pits. This new Bio Toilet model has been installed in the Chunar region, Uttar Pradesh. This model has been designed by faculty and students of IIT, Delhi.

Success Story

Behind every success story is the sheer grit and hard work of a common village woman who amidst raising a family and taking care of her home is also a farmer, adding food onto the plates of people like you and me. One such ray of light is Mrs. Pushpa Devi of Sewa Jyoti SHG of Tapovan Cluster. She has produced about 80 kgs of beans of high quality, all of which sold out in the nearby market at the rate of Rs 40 per kg. SI extends its best wishes to her and hopes she will be able to set new examples and become a source of inspiration for other farmers too.

Tree Plantation Drive

In a bid to promote the spirit of volunteerism among the youth, our Being Volunteer programme seeks to bring the youth from corporate/colleges together and bind them in a spirit of service for their community and the humanity at large. Keeping with the spirit of Sewa Hi Parmo Dharma, Being Volunteer organised a Tree Plantation Drive at Mhalunge hill site, Pune where 35+ volunteers participated in this activity from Cognizant and BV. More than 50 saplings were planted by the volunteers across the landscape. Such plantation drives induce a feeling of concern, care and awareness towards mother nature.