unnamed (8)On February 11 and 12 the entire SewaFamily from all over India came together in Varanasi to attend the Workshop that was conducted by Shri Arun Kankani Ji who flew in from USA to fuel team Sewa with energy and focus to carry out all the works that we do. All the people who work under the umbrella of Sewa from Tripura in East to Kutch in West and from Banglore in South to Uttarakhand in North and from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Varanasi in Central India came to Banaras Hindu University. We attended the MBTI training, in which every individual’s personality and psychological traits were discussed and Project Management workshop in which the importance of goal oriented activities and how to achieve it, was discussed. The workshop was also attended by all the Trustees of Sewa International Bharat.

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unnamed (7)Traditional wrap around called Rnai is the essential piece of Bru culture and is the most loved clothing by their women. It is made painstakingly using handlooms with specialized skills. But, due to rapid influx of cheap western clothing and high cost of hand-woven Rnai, this important part of culture is under threat. Sensing this grave issue, SewaInternational decided to organize its first training in Handloom Weaving for producing hand-woven traditional women clothing. The training would provide employable skills to around 30-35 women who would now be able not only produce clothing for their family but also sell at a profit.

At a small event organized at Naisinghpara Refugee Camp, Tripura, on 19th Jan 2017, training was launched in the esteemed presence of Shri Animesh Dev Varma (DC, Kanchanpur) and Shri Nishant Aggarwal (CEO, Sewa International). We were highly motivated by the kind words of Animeshji who had all praise for the relevant intervention and encouraged the Bru community women to take full adavantage of the opportunity. Loom threads were also distributed to the trainees. It was very pleasing to see women coming in large numbers to register though we had to decline a few but we promised them a place in future training session.

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We stand proud as we have touched 1000 lives, and helped them in their journey toward a secure and sustainable future. Sewa Uttarakhand under its programme Sewa Srujan, has helped in creation of 89 SHGs in the districts of Rudraprayag and Chamoli. When we started our journey the path was very ambiguous and our team worked selflessly in the difficult terrain of Uttarakhand and today we have achieved a major milestone because of the efforts and undying spirit of the entire team.



unnamed (4)SI inaugurated its 10th Computer Centre in Dewal on  Feb 5, 2017. The Center has 6 Computers and a Akshar Bharati Vachnalaya. The center was inaugurated by Shri G.K. Soni, Forest Ranger; N.K. Mishra, Retired Principal and Ganesh Mishra Ji. All the guests displayed their enthusiasm regarding the center and how much the expansion was needed because possessing the knowledge of using a computer and its language is no longer a luxury but a necessity given the times we live in. The local students of Deval who were earlier unable to take admissions in Computer coaching centers because of high fees charged in such institutes, were also very happy and excited and so far 15 of them have already registered themselves for the course and the number is increasing day by day.



febLaxmi Ben, a 55 years old lady, received the award for her skills in embroidery from Governor of Gujarat in the year 1989. Her family comprises of her 5 daughters and husband. She resides in Dhaneti village of Bhuj block of Kutch district. She does Ahir Embroidery, she makes various handi craft products and sells it to individual buyers. Despite being a prestigious award winner, she had to struggle to earn the livelihood. Embroidery work was the only means of bread & butter for Lakshmi Ben’s family and her monthly income was around 5000 rupees per month, for the family of seven people. After few years, Laxmi got an opportunity to be associated with Sewa International, she received training in Entrepreneurship Development Program, stitching, tailoring and design and development. These trainings proved to be a catalyst to enhance her skills and techniques. Her willingness and eagerness to learn more helped her to become a master trainer & resource person for other women artisans. She proudly mentions that she provides training to women of her own and other community. She also manages a women Self Help Group, and now she doesn’t have to go outside looking for work. Many organizations request her to provide her technical expertise to support other women as well. She gets a lot of independent embroidery work for her, and the group.At present, Laxmi ben leads a team of 100 women who are engaged in doing Ahir embroidery. She provides guidance and technical support to these women artisans.