Post the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in 2013, it was thought that preparedness is the best prevention we have against any natural calamity. With this idea, we thought of utilizing the potential of the local young boys and girls to train them in the field of disaster management and immediate rescue. Uttarakhand is as majestic as it can get and there are a plenty of beautiful and picturesque places that are hidden as of now. Seeing the great potential for developing these places as a destination for tourists, trekkers and travellers and also the fact that the local populace is best suited for guiding such tourists. The idea of training these young volunteers as tour guides were initiated with this vision. The idea is to try and stop the massive migration of youth from the mountains to the plains and also to be able to generate a sustainable source of livelihood and income for the coming generation. 

  Amidst a bed of flowers; volunteers trekking along with locals en route Manani trek
            The Himalayas … where every view is a scenery


  • ASSOCIATION WITH YOUTH CLUB – To provide information about the scope of adventure tourism as an income generating activity, meetings with the youth club are held. The meetings provide an opportunity to bring forth ideas and suggestions for planning and identifying the routes and plans for new places and adventure sports.
  • YOUTH CLUB TOURISM TRAININGFor the advancement of the skills the trainees are trained in the areas of hospitality, adventure sports, planning the itinerary etc. The training was conducted in Narayankoti cluster with the participation of about 15 volunteers. 
  • CLEANLINESS DRIVE – Regular cleanliness drives form an essential part of our activities especially on the eve of various days and festivals. As it has been seen that the massive influx of tourists has wrecked damage to the resources and landscape of the hills and mountains, this drive is done to initiate the trainees into the concept of clean and sustainable tourism.
  • DOCUMENTATION OF TREKKING ROUTES – The newfound trekking routes are further documented. The trainees are made aware of these new routes. The idea is to explore new travel destination and provide livelihood to the local people. The trek routes are also Geotagged for further identification.  

    A Sewa Saahas orientation session in progress discussing Rural Tourism


  • ESTABLISHMENT OF HOMESTAYS – Identification of houses is done to establish homestays in the region The Houses for establishments Homestay in the project areas at Byunkhli Village of Narayankoti cluster and Karchoon Village of Tapovan Cluster. The concept of homestays would provide an added opportunity for the locals to earn income and also to be able to meet new people.
  • FORMATION OF YOUTH CLUB – To provide these young men and women with a platform to debate, discuss their issues and arrive at ideas and solution for them, youth clubs are formed. They enhance the personality of the members. They are made to participate in exhibition and exposure visits to them a wide scope for understanding and capacity building.


  • Participation of more than 250 members in the Youth Club meetings
  • Geotagging of 25 trek routes on Google map.
  • The National Integration Day saw 200 youth participating in a 4km long run.
  • Field visit by the representative of Japan International Corporation Agency, Mr. Takumi Kuntake to know about the socioeconomic status of Uttarakhand.