SINGHEducation plays a central role in an individual’s development and has a cross cutting impact on all the aspects of human lives. With right to education reaching far and wide in India, the dropout rates cuts the effectiveness of the program. India has a school dropout rate of 40% and it’s a precarious situation.

Sewa International has opened 3 education centres in Ramnagar, Varanasi under its “Read India-Read Kashi” program. These centres are opened up with a view to help children in their studies, provide them additional guidance in their problem areas and in turn arresting the dropout rate of these kids. They are evening centres run with the support of Seva Kirana. Initially centres were opened to support the school going kids of the weavers of Varanasi, but other kids from the area have also started dropping in to the centres.

Currently, more than 100 children are taking benefit of these centres. All the children come to centre regularly and their favourite part are the recreational activities planned by the mentors. Personality development activities are also organised at the centres. In the centres:

  • They are being assisted in the problem areas of their studies
  • Kids who are lagging behind in class are provided with special guidance
  • They are given assistance in completing their daily home works and projects etc.

These kids are mentored by the local youths who have completed their graduation and want to contribute to their community.