#SewaCommunity are a series of Stories of Empowerment of the people working with Sewa International.

fareedaFareeda ben, mother of 3 kids, lives with a family of 10 people in Jiyapar village of Nakhatrana in Kutch, Gujarat, with the only occupation of the family being bandhini work. She has been doing tie & dye work since childhood. The family income of Fareeda ben is not much and supporting 10 family members was proving to be a very difficult task for Fareeda ben and her husband. Most of the times, they would not get work for even 15 days in a month leading to a miserable situation.
She got to know about the training program run by Sewa International from her friend. She immediately took the decision to enrol herself and successfully completed the training. It has been 3 years since she is associated with Sewa International. Now, she participates in several handicrafts workshops and trade exhibitions. The training and workshops helped her learn new skills and techniques, which have improved the quality of her Bandhani work considerably leading to more work and improvement in the financial condition of her family as well.
She currently heads the Bandhani unit of the Sewa International Design and Development Center (SIDDC) at Jiyapar, Kutch. She also works as Community Resource Person (CRP) and regularly provides Bandhani training to the other women artisans. Her personal income is now at a respectable Rs.7000 per month, and she has all the basic amenities for her family. She happily claims that Sewa International has made her “self-reliant and self-dependent”. #SewaCommunity #WomenEmpowermentCraftmark, Hand-made in India Dastkari Haat Samiti