Sewa Volunteers prove – Sewa Hi Parmo Dharma 

It has been more than two tough weeks of God’s own country Kerala submerged in water due to massive rains and flood. While the rains have now subsided, the state grapples to come to terms with a normal life. Our volunteers in Kerala despite having no prior experience of such a calamity of such scale have shown exemplary courage and determination in reaching out to the last possible man,woman and child to rescue them. Our local partners Seva Bharathi lead the rescue operations in Alapuzha and Ernakulam areas by escorting scores of fellow citizens to safe zones.
In Aluva, Kundagloor, Pandanad , Venmay, Budhanoor, Kumarakam, equipped with just 20 small and 2 big boats , hundreds of people were rescued by them amidst neck deep waters. Around 60 volunteers from Aratupuzha were the cornerstone of this team.

In Parampuzha, Kuttanad , the rescued people’s number stands at 600 . Muzhikkal and Kurimasherri also saw huge involvement of our volunteers in saving lives .

Donating clothes to the victims 

Apart from the rescue, we have been actively facilitating relief work for the survivors. In Kottayam alone 27 centres are operating , which have since distributed 75000 food packets worth 7.5 lakh rupees . 52 vehicles have been running round the clock to provide relief material and aid throughout the district.
18 camps have been opened in Ernakulam district and 11 in Idukki . Clearing the spaces off trees , cleaning the homes and many such restabilisation activities are being conducted by 100s of Sewa volunteers.
48 camps in Kollankot , catering to 3133 survivors from 767 families are functioning to help the survivors.

128 centres in Wayanad district are being run.
23 tonnes of rice, 4600 quintal of vegetables , 4.5 lk worth of garments have been distributed amongst the population.
Apart from this 2 godowns have been opened in Kannur and Thalserri for maintaining supply chain and logistics.

We are there and not leaving unless we reach out and help the people of Kerala rebuild their homes and lives after this disaster . All this cannot be done without your generous support and prayers .
Reach out . Donate . Help us to rebuild God’s own country .