MB2It  is  a  residential  school  for  tribal  girls  situated  in  Majhgawan,  Madhya Pradesh.  The project was started and supported by Deendayal Research Institute (DRI) which was founded by Late Nanaji Deshmukh. The school aims at  all  round  development  of  the  downtrodden  scheduled  tribe’s  students through  education,  vocational  trainings  and  good  conduct.  Extension and dissemination of education in tribal villages so as to join them with the national main stream. The school has been developed in a way so that it can stand as a role model for the other educational institutes.

However, despite of all efforts the school was struggling to have a trusted and reliable source of power to support all its regular activities. In most of the years the school was experiencing more than 8 to 10 hours of power cut. Even the voltage level of tMB1he available power was below the standards. The Frequent power cuts in evening caused problem in the education of girls. School was struggling to provide clean lights to students and alternate sources of power like diesel generator was getting expensive day by day. Sewa International Clean Tech Initiative volunteers surveyed the school and identified the critical load of 1.2kW, which includes lights, fans and computers. The team also identified 24sq.m. free space on the roof of admin building. Based on this a 2kWp solar power plant was installed at the school with 5 hrs battery backup.  The  total  cost  of  the  project  was  raised  as  donations  by volunteers  and  kind  help  of  people  like  veteran  technocrat  Shri  Naresh Sharma, California.