Imagine going everyday for 10 km, crossing Chenab river from nearby village in Jammu, on foot in mostly inclement weather, just to attend the school running from a small room. This is the daily routine of kids, most of whom are driven by the passion to be the first ever Educated and Empowered person in their family, in the quest to have a better life.

This is what prompted Sewa International to improve upon and promote education initiatives there, by starting construction of its 3rd School at Lilaran Pullar Nagseni, District Kishtwar. Presently, school is located in a very tough area of Kishtwar district, which takes around 10 km on foot, crossing Chenab river from Bidda Nageni village and is the only HOPE for education to the residents there. Currently, the school runs in a small donated residential space to accomodate 50 students studying till 5th class. It has suffered extensive damages over last few years due to earthquakes as well as heavy floods of 2014 and needs immediate attention.

Our associate, Sewa International USA(@sewausa), has come forward to help these kids with the a new building(as shown below) which could support upwards of 100 kids till 8th standard. This building should be completed by Sep-Oct, 2016. On behalf of students and staff of Pullar Nagseni School, Kishtwar, we very much appreciate this venture to support the most needed. Kudos for your support!!

3rd school