Karnataka’s one of the most reputed service organisations, the Rashtrotthana Parishat, set another milestone, this time in healthcare. The Parishat’s Rashtrotthana Rakta Nidhi is now the number one Blood Bank of the State as far as total units of blood collected and transfused is concerned. The Parishat is an RSS initiative in Karnataka. Established 18 years ago, the Rashtrotthana Rakta Nidhi has collected blood from 1,75,073 donors. The collected blood has been given to 1,31,593 patients. Rest of the blood was processed for PCV collections, serum separations, etc. The total units of blood collected till March 2012 is 2,89,321. This Blood Bank is an ISO certified Blood Bank and provides blood to the needy on a 24×7 service.


Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir schools run by Shikhya Bikash Samiti affiliated to Vidya Bharati, continued to perform exceptionally well in higher secondary examination of Odisha. The Shishu Mandir students excelled in the State High School Certificate Examination this year by notching up the 54 ranks in the top 100 list. There are 20 students in top 10 list, out of which 12 students belong to Shishu Mandir schools.

According to Sikshya Bikash Samiti, a total of 10, 528 students of Saraswati Sishu Mandir schools appeared in the Board Examination. The Shishu Mandir schools recorded pass percentage of 98.05, which is much higher than the overall pass percentage of the State. This year the overall pass percentage of the State is 70.80. According to reports, 97 Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir schools have recorded 100 per cent result. The percentage of students achieving first class is 70.12 per cent. Sikshya Bikash Samiti organised a function, Medhabi Abhinandan 2012, at Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology Auditorium in Bhubaneswar to felicitate 54 students, who secured place in the top hundred list. Addressing the gathering, School Education Minister of the State Shri Pratap Jena, praised the role of the Sikhya Bikash Samiti for providing quality education to the students. “It is due to the commitment of the teachers that the Shishu Mandir schools are doing so well. The Shishu Mandirs have set an example for both government and private schools in the State,” he said.

Sikshya Bikas Samiti State secretary Dr Saroj Kumar Hati said the value-based curriculum, an edifying atmosphere, strong teacher-student relationship and strict monitoring system are the main reasons for the success of the Vidya Mandir schools. Dr Ramkrishna Rao, national vice president of Vidya Bharati, Prof Devi Prasad Ray, Vice Chancellor of Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology and Dr Prafulla Mahapatra, eminent educationist, also spoke on the occasion. Vidya Bharati zonal organising secretary Shri Govind Chandra Mohanata also shared the dais.


There is a growing desire among the youth in India to volunteer their time and talent for community development. Most of them are not currently involved in volunteering work because of three major reasons: 1. Not knowing where to start. 2. The fear that it may be too much of responsibility. 3. Concern that it cannot be done with their limited time availability. “Youth for Seva” (YFS),Hyderabadwas formed in February 2010 to fill this gap. The mission of YFS is to inspire youth to volunteer, connect them to the grass roots projects, and provide ongoing support and training to the volunteers and the NGOs.


Education has been one of the primary focus areas of YFS since its inception. There is an urgent need for volunteers to fill the gaps in the education system, as there is high dropout rate and lack of quality education. YFS volunteers have been conducting a variety of programs in Government schools. These activities focus mainly on supplementing the teacher and increasing the urge to study further. They include, enhancing the student’s understanding in science and maths through experiments and also increasing their employability by teaching spoken English and computer basics.


Akshar Bharati is an initiative to nurture the reading habits in children between age group5-15 years from underprivileged and remote areas by facilitatring access to good non-academic literature. YFS has tied up with Akshar Bharati (www.aksharbharati.org) to set up libraries across various schools,orphanages and slums inHyderabed.


To tackle the dual problems of lack of student’s interest in education and financial limitations of the family, YFS conducts a School Kit Drive at the beginning of each academic year. Each school kit consists of a school bag, 6 long notebooks, geometry box, labels and pens. The drive includes, identifying schools and children who need such school kits, raising funds, procuring material, Packing the kits and distribution of kits to the identified children personally.


Every child that benefits from education can alter the destiny of the family for several generations to come. YFS has evolved a unique way to support underprivileged children towards their education. It connects donors to deserving children Through financial help and mentoring. The sponsorship includes:

  • School/tuition fee expenses
  • School uniform and books
  • Health insurance
  • A mentor to help the child


Many computers used in companies end up as e-waste. They can be better utilized as basic working machines for slum children. Installing basic educational software on these machines can provide children access to quality education at their door step. It makes education fun and increases to the urge to study higher


Good health is a primary need. Unfortunately it is denied to many people because of lack of awareness and access to medical facilities. The health team works to bridge this gap.


Doctors for Seva (DFS) is a project under YFS. It comprises of a team of doctors and medical professionals across Hyderabad who have voluntarily come forward to provide subsidized health services to people from financially backward sections of the society.


YFS works with the DFS team to conduct basic health/dental/eye checkup camps. Many YFS volunteers themselves undergo training from specialized doctors to conduct these basic tests on their own. The main focus area is children in Government schools/ slums where its volunteers work.


YFS creates awareness about good health and hygiene in various schools and slums. Other awareness topics include HIV, Nutrition, Anaemia, Tobacco and Alcohol.


The Green team at Youth for Seva works towards having a clean-and-green environment and has been actively involved in spreading awareness about eco-friendly practices in schools, offices, residential complexes, shops and other commercial establishments.


The aim of this project is to promote eco-friendly practices during Ganapati pooja celebrations. Key aspects of these eco-friendly celebrations are the use of unpainted clay idols for Ganapati pooja, use of nature based dyes for painting Ganapati idols, proper disposal of idols and other pooja material. More information atwww.parisaraganapati.net


In its efforts to make next generation aware of eco-friendly practices, YFS has a 3-fold program in schools.

Green Commandos

2 students are selected in each class as Green Commandos’. They ensure that their classes and school premises are kept clean.

Treasure from Trash

Educational projects for students using reusable materials to instill the importance of 3Rs – ReDuce, ReUse and ReCycle

Plant a Sapling; Make it a tree

The students plant saplings in their surroundings and also ensure proper care is taken to nurture them, a part of this activity.


YFS has evolved a unique combination of fun and Seva – Vana Yatra. Once in a quarter, YFS conducts field trips to remote areas of the country to participate in Seva projects there. Single teacher schools, self help groups, hostels, and medical camps are the typical projects to be visited. This is the most awaited and fun filled event of YFS




The concept of One Teacher School was conceived at Gumla [Jharkhand] in june 1986 in a seminar organised jointly by Akhil Bhartiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram and Vidya Bharti [ a pioneer Organisation working in the field of education] .The seminar was organised to find out the solution to the problem of illiteracy in vanvasi villages. Ma. Bhaurao Deorash [ RSS ], Ma. Bala Saheb Deshpandey [ABVKA], Ma.Lajjaram Tomar[Vidya Bharati], Shri KrishnachandraGandhi,ShriMadanlal Agrawal,ShriMorubhau Ketkar,ShriJagdeoram Oraon,ShriKripa Prasad Singh,ShriDevi Prasad Verma and about 50 other field Karyakartas were assmebled for 3 days in which the idea was conceived.It was expected that in oneOTS , 20 to 30 children could gather for two hours under a tree or any common place where there is no disturbance in running the classes.Teachers should belong to the same village. If lady teacher is available priority should be given to her. Teacher will take attendence daily. Children should be taught numbers and alpha-bet [for 30 minutes].There should be a chart of fruits,animals,flowers,birds and foodgrains in every OTS so that students can grasp it easily[ for 30 minutes].Stories of National heroes, Gods and goddesses, mountains and rivers and Bharat mata should be in written form with teachers so that they can teach it one by one[ for 30 minutes].Village games[for 30 minutes]should be learnt and played for 30 minutes so that craze of education could be created among village children.It is secret of village and town relationship that whenever annual day would be celebrated at OTS some guests will be there from town or district committee.Villagers will be in touch with K.A. workers for sorting out thier problems.This is a novel way to make the village and society aware and beautiful. Imparting patriotism among rural people and vanvasi brethren is very easy through OTS.(Inputs from Shri Kripa Prasad Singh, V.P, VKA )


Ekal student, Pinki Karmakar, ran for India with London Olympic Torch in Nottingham Square on June 28

Seventeen year old Pinki Karmakar is a student of class Xth standard in Barburuah High School of Dibrugarh district, Assam. Pinki started her journey from Ekal Vidyalaya in Barburuah Tea village of Dibrugarh. “It was the only running school in my village then,” she said.

Pinki’s father Shri Rajan Karmakar is a painter in a factory and mother Smt Leela Rajvar plucks tea leaves. “Among five sisters and one brother, Pinki is the brightest. She is good in sports and studies,” her father proudly said. Pinki practices sports under the project “Sports for Development” of UNICEF. She was selected on her merit to run with Olympic Torch in Nottingham Square. Both her parents were extremely happy when I visited her house and met with the family on July 3, 2012. I spoke to Pinki and her parents at her village house. In conversation with me she expressed her ambitions and future plans. I was amazed to hear her desires to serve the nation and the community through her sports skill and education. In spite of her family constraints, she teaches village women to read and write in the evening and sports to children. She wants to work with Ekal Vidyalaya Abhiyan, she said. Shri Radheshyam of Dibrugarh region also accompanied me. He assured Pinki to pursue her education without any hesitation. The organisation will help her. Pinki felt extremely happy. Pinki is proud of her country. The whole village is proud of her. Pinki Karmakar was also honoured with Phulam Gamcha (the traditional Assames symbol of honour) in the public function of inauguration of Ekal Mahila Varg in Dibrugarh on July 1. Pinki told the media ,“I am elated. It is due to the Ekal Viidyalaya I have reached here.”

Food For Thought:

“Life without endeavour is like entering a jewel mine and coming out with empty hands”

– A Japanese Proverb

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